Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's In The Mail!

I signed up for one of those blog giveaways... AND I WONNNNNN!!!!! I love winning! I don't care what it is or what I have to do to win: winning makes me feel like... well, a winner!

One day I was in a McDonalds for breakfast. This was during a festival I worked at. Which means I was working until 3 in the morning to start again hours later at 7:30 am. I was sleep deprived. I was hallucinating, talking nonsense, and laughing hysterically for no obvious reasons (I know, exactly how I am normally, but at least during festival seasons I have a reason an excuse).  And with my morning coffee I got a little scratch-off ticket.

With this ticket I had won a free Big Mac. Big deal right? No. I ran all over the place screaming "J'ai gagné! I won! J'ai gagné! I won" over and over again. Of course I had to rant and rave in 2 languages in case some uni-lingual person would not know what I was talking about.

People clapped and applauded and cheered (clapped and applauded is the same, but I felt the need to provide both versions, remember my screaming in both languages? Pay attention). One lady excitedly asked me what I won. She stomped away furiously when I showed her MY winning ticket.

People get offended too easily. Or maybe she was just jealous because her ticket was not a winning ticket and she knew that simply confirmed her official loser status.

Poor lady. And poor all other "Livin' Life in 3Dee" readers because I WON AND THEY DIDN'T!



  1. It's much better to be a winner then... well... a loser.


  2. This reminds me of the song in Willy Wonka (the original not the shitty Johnny Deep remake) where Charlie is singing "I have a golden ticket"

  3. ROFLMAO Glad you are....um....happy?

  4. that's great, I love winning things too, but i don't win very often... I bet that was the best big mac you ever had, free ones always are!

    check out my blog @ amberlashell.com

  5. damn girl. I wanted to win the book. oh well. there will be others.

  6. Lol, congrats, Miss Nikki! Seems to me like you COULD work up a little excitement, though.

  7. lol that is a great story i can just picture her pinched face when you gave her the winning big mac ticket! people just don't appreciate enthusiasm...and why shouldn't we be enthusiastic over a free big mac...those things are delicious and that saves you like 3 dollars so you can buy a liter of gas or something :o)

  8. I wish I had something incredibly witty to say, but I don't. CONGRATS!!!

  9. Lmao.. I never win. I don't think I've won anything ever, so I probably would run around screaming if I won a big mac (and I don't even like them).

  10. Did this woman think that if it was anything other than just a Big Mac, say, a large fry and a Coke, she was going to get a cut?

    I as well, applaud your win. WOOT WOOT!

  11. @ Dude: yes, it is!
    @ Oilfield: the originals are always the better ones
    @ Amber: me either... I wish I won more often!
    @ Dazee: email me your address, I'll send it your way once I'm done (I read fast too) I like to share my winnings...
    @ Vicki: there are days where I think they might just lock me up!
    @ Patricia: I hate pinched people, as a naked writer I'm sure you understand that... :o)
    @ Dr: You? Nothing witty to say? You? What happened?
    @ JJ: You've won awards! You've won my undying love and affection and readership... doesn't THAT mean something? muah!
    @ RW: yeah! what WAS she thinking? stoopid people...

  12. Dude... a free Big Mac... now I'm jealous.


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