Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Simple Award from a Simple Dude

I feel like total shit. It's Thanksgiving in Canada (yay) and I OVERATE (booo)!  Today I started the day with a banana muffin (yum), then 2 toasts with Brie (love the stink) cheese and a tad bit of raspberry jam, and a über good cup of latté, then halfway on our drive over to visit the aunts and uncle and cousin we HAD to stop in Alfred!  ALFRED! Capital of the best friggin poutine in zee world! Yum! It's greasy, fattening, absolutely non-healthy whatsofuckinever! Which is why we LOVE it!

Then at the aunts and uncle and cousin's place we did what? We ate! Cake, chips, cookies, doritos, and another cup of COFFEE! Roll out to the car and drive back to my mom's for... BBQ chicken, ribs, potatoes (burp) and topped it off with a healthy dose of a date square. I'm stuffed like a Cornish hen. (I don't even know if we stuff hens or not... just thought it might make me sound smart... like a Smartie... mmmm chocolate!)

So now that I feel horrible (and I'm sneezing non stop, my mom is a bit of a hoarder, and so the dust is running crazily in her home:  the nose is drippy, eyes are teary and the stomach is overloaded with crap) I will share some joy.  The Simple Dude (living in a complex world) bequeathed me this award: the ass-kickin'-beer-drinkin'-blog-award. How does he know I've been kickin' some asses and drinkin' beers? Hmmm... I think he's been spyin' on me... And the best part is that this award has no rules! NONE!

It's like a take it or leave it cause I don't give a shit award. Jussamytypeofstuffman!

Thanks Dude!  And I hope you'll be happy and pleased in your new home with the cute little girlfriend of yours (yeah, keep the blinds shut, because I've been spying too, haha!)

p.s. this is my first award from a guy... don't know why it is but THAT makes me feel even better about it! why is that?



  1. Never had the poutine.

    Hmm, that sounds sexual.

    Still never had it. I just checked out on Wiki, and it looks like something sweet and messy, but I realize it's not. Sweet, that is. May never have it. ;-)

  2. lol does...

    i do like messy though, so...ahem...french fries all the way...we had a pub down in NC that did them with brown gravy...very nice.

    congrats on the award...hope you are feeling a bit less full...smiles.

  3. first of made me hungry...second of all congrats on an award from a dude. sorta validates you in a weird kinds way doesn't it??

  4. Awesome! Congrats on the award!! I drank some beer this weekend too, I hope no one was spying on me. ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Sounds like it was filled with good food! BTW, after reading this I am now hungry. Off to get something to eat...

  5. @ Fragrant: it could be sexual, food always is - isn't it?
    @ Brian: I am feeling better, yes! ツ
    @ The Goddess: isn't it true though? A guy liking my blog is like... a fat dude loving MY cooking above all else (I don't how the heck that's the same but it doesn't matter)
    @ Hula: sorry to make you hungry, then again maybe not! And people are ALWAYS watching... mmm.... beer!

  6. First of all...Yikes! That's a whole lotta eatin'...but isn't that what this particular weekend is all about? Fantastic! And there's always room for chocolate. Let's face it! Just had to stop by and say congratulations on the "indifference" award. LOL..It's well deserved!!! And I mean that in the nicest possible way...from one Canadian to another!

  7. well deserved award.
    thanks for sharing!


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