Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thanks Miley!

I got this sticker for a pint!
Today I gave blood. Prior to moving to the States, I was a regular donor. I gave every 2 months unless my iron count was too low to give (which happened more often than I wished...)

I really can't say why I haven't given any blood since I've been here. I could give a bunch of reasons or excuses, but that's all they'd be: excuses. Lame really. Did you know only 3% give blood? That is even more lame than my excuses. I could go all sermon'y on you here but I won't, in honesty I've been kicking myself on the ass for not going in such a long time.

I simply ask the following question: if you are among the 97% who don't give, what are you waiting for?



  1. Awww, I'm glad that my post gave you a little nudge. I just called and I'm going on Friday to give platelets. Yay!

  2. I have a HUGE problem with needles. And a bad experience with everytime I have been poked, prodded, or stuck with needles.

    I used to give blood regularly before I had children but it is a 3-4 hour affair for me since I pass out for a long time when I am stuck with needles.

  3. I, of course, can't give.

    But a huge thank you (to you and) those that do because I needed it badly this summer while I was in the hospital.

    So thank you. Sincerely.

  4. I used to have the excuse that I weighed less than 110 lbs and therefore couldn't give blood. I read your post and said oh well, I can't... I weigh...less.....than.....110 lbs....... oh wait. It's not 1995 anymore.

  5. I actually give every so often, probably not as often as I should but i do give, I have O positive blood, so they hound me for my universal goodness.. :) great blog!

    check out my blog @ amberlashell.com

  6. i should probably give me....good for you!

  7. I can't give blood, they disqualified me, I lived in the UK for 2,5 years during the time of mad cow disease, it's protocol over here, google it, true story. In any other case I totally would, despite my fear of needles.

  8. @ Miley: yay to you!
    @ Oilfield: aaww, big nasty needles scare you?
    @ Rabbit: you're welcome, now I'll think of you next time I go (and my childhood friend with leukemia)
    @ Cecelia: I lied to the nurse and told her I weighed 118 pounds. I didn't want to get turned down, I'm 112. But I should not have skipped lunch before going. I almost fainted... Next time I'll be on a full stomach!
    @ Amber: lucky! I'm b+ so not in big demand...
    @ Brian: it's worth it for the cookies!
    @ JJ: thanks! yay!
    @ Wuppy: it's protocol everywhere I think... I don't understand fear of needles, I have to watch it go in as I am mimicking (in my head) a cartoon dracula saying: "I'm here to give my blood, aw aw aaaaw!"


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