Monday, October 4, 2010

Vicki Who Likes Frogs Likes Me TOO!

Check out her blog here, the Glitter Frog blog. I love that! I've always said if I were a stripper my name would be Glitter. And, being French-Canadian, I am a frog, at least that's how they call us over there. Frogs! What a perfect combo...

She gave me this award and the rules are that I have to thank her. Muchas Gracias Vicky and merci beaucoup, and danke, and all that glitter jazz! I'm happy. I like getting awards AND I am sitting at the airport flying out to Montreal... Yippee! I'll be celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving with my family and then following that up by sharing a hangover with my family also... As the saying goes, a family that drinks together, is a family that stays together! It's not really A saying, but it's MY saying.

The second rule of this award (I totally forgot WHY I was writing this post, sorry to be so loopy!) is to re-gift it to 15 other bloggers I'VE RECENTLY DISCOVERED! The recently discovered threw me for a loop, being that I am a loopy person, this is tricky. Who have I recently discovered?

  1. Alex from Late Enough she reminds me of who I'd be if I were a stay at home mom... (if I had kids...)
  2. I love Nenette from Life Candy
  3. Digging the simplicity of this dude... The Simple Dude
  4. Love Brian Miller's writing more than I love chocolate, which says A LOT!
  5. Want to take care of Phoenix who finds courage behind her keyboard and shares her stories of being an agoraphobe  (EEEKS! I can't find her anymore! Her link isn't working... I'll have to hunt her down and change this asap. Sorry Phoenix, where are you? - new link is up! yay)
  6. Dr Cynicism who's humor cracks me up, need proof? I'd show you but I don't want to put up pictures of my crack here...
And now for the last part of the rules I MUST follow, I have to contact these people and let them know I gave them an award. What? You mean they can't just guess it? I guess since I broke the rule on the quota I havta follow this one. I guess...

Rules. Fuck the rules. Do airports and airlines follow them? Why am I talking about airlines? I am stuck in an airport in Washington, DC. I guess the whole East coast in being tore up by winds and rain. At least it's not of a more evil kind... I shouldn't complain, I only stood in line for 2h07 minutes and will get to my final destination 2 hours later... Coulda been worse... Much worse... Which brings me to say that, if you don't EVER hear from me again then you'll know it was worse than I thought!

My mom would sooooo yell and scream at me for writing that. As if it could make shit happen...

p.s. have you checked out Vicki yet? What the hell are you waiting for? She gave me an award, now go and read her stories. She deserves at least that...  ツ



  1. dang...i need to use that as my catchphrase...better than chocolate...smiles. thank you...

    hope you are not stuck too long...only about 3 hours away from me...

  2. You are so yum! And I mean chocolate *and* bacon together kind of yum!
    Thank you so much for the award! I am totally honoured!

    And Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a safe trip home...
    We'll be having family here for the dinner -- how I'll get this place to not look like an episode of Hoarders by this weekend, I have no idea! :) xo

  3. Holy crap this is my week - I am starting to really love awards! You are the best, and your Cyber House is one of my regular stops so keep up the great work. Hopefully you don't get sick of my bullshit comments - because giving me an award is only going to encourage me.


  4. I'm here, or there. Phoenix, aka Dee.

    And thank you!

  5. I'm pretty sure being you if you had kids and stayed home is like the highest complement EVER.


  6. Isn't Simple Dude just da bomb diggity??? I *love* his blog! And I *love* you too, Miss Nikki!

  7. Well holy craptunias! My first blog award! You win, I win, we all win!

    Thanks so much, greatly appreciate it. I love clicking over here to catch up with your shenanigans, so please keep your awesome blogging coming!

  8. I had no idea you were French Canadian! I'm a half-breed Canadian (half French / half English).

    This would explain how you know of the existence of Alfred, that small, French-Canadian town that serves the best poutine.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


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