Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's About Time!

I'm so behind (haha, yes that was a non intended pun but oh so much appreciated by my immature self) on this award. Don't you just hate it when your real life starts meddling with your cyber life? I do. I got this AWESOME award from Vinny C. I love love love his blog. There wasn't any real rules with this award (jussa my kindaward). But unless I misunderstood him, I think it's about saying it like it is, no fear, just putting it out there.

I want to share this award with 2 fellow bloggers who are ALL about blasting it when it needs to be blasted.
  1. Holly from Are You Serious  she is a hootin' an hollerin' blogger.
  2. Micael, aka the Rabbit from The Journey. He rocks. And he's all about blastin' the deservin'...

Secondly...  I got a funky little cool froggy award from the Glitter Frog.  She hosts a weekly caption contest, every Tuesday. It's fun and it flexes your creative brain muscles. Now I can't share this award, but I can share the joy of playing her game! Go! Now! Check her out... I dare you to try and beat me!


You know what? It's almost Christmas. I thought I'd tell you in case you hadn't noticed the overly crowded stores with frantic shoppers, the traffic jams by the malls, the non-stop Christmas music playing EVERYWHERE! So, have a very merry Christmas.


Also, did you know people are weird? I just now found out (on NBC's breaking news people are addicted to sleeping with their hairdryers, so much so they're getting burned. By their hairdryer while they sleep with it. Weird.)



  1. The important question would be: those people sleeping with their hairdryers - where exactly are they getting burned? Yikes!

    Congrats on the blog award lovin'!


  2. I think Ive told you before just how much I love you...... its still true!!
    Thanks !!!

    Joyeux Noël - J'espère que vous trouverez le charbon qui a été pressé en diamants dans votre bas ... et de la vodka. Beaucoup de vodka!

    (thanks Google translator.. I hope I didnt just call you something bad)

  3. Awww. Spankya! My ass hurts now! Ho ho ho!

  4. congrats and yes i to hate when real life interrupts cyber

  5. uh yeah...the hairdryer...i could totally go in some very bad directiosn with that one...have a merry christmas

  6. hahahha, i was picturing someone sleeping with a hair dryer!

  7. My warped little imagination is in overdrive with that hairdryer story.

    Oh, and thanks. You totally reminded me that I wanted to give out some more of those.

  8. Congrats Nikki! Tell it like it is :-) Happy Holidays!!!

  9. @ Simple: They showed the burn, all they showed was burnt skin, YOU COULDN'T tell where it was (yes, I did puke in my mouth, a little)
    @ Oilfield: thanks...
    @ Holly: I hope you find the charcoal that your stove will have smashed into diamonds too! ;)
    @ Rabbit: I bet you loved it though?
    @ becca: I know... yukky real life meddling about!
    @ Brian: yeah... morning tv news!
    @ Amber: yeah, and why do they keep it on? wouldn't you turn it off? and it's not very snuggly!
    @ Vinny: kinda reminiscent of the Nazi experiments with curling irons (hold on, need to go puke again)
    @ Dr: feeling any better???

  10. Congrats on your awards. I love Vinny's blog too. I hope you enjoyed your holidays.


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