Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Such a Random Thing

I finally got the RIGHT help from my geeky online pals. Ditched the hotspot, figured the tethering and voila, here's some kick-ass chopper pics! And they're ALL taken from my phone, ok, so the love for the Droid is coming back... FU Verizon!
Yesterday we took our first solo trip on our boat. Solo as in without the help of Booby's "experienced" sailor friend. (That will be a story, I promise!)

We stayed in the safety of San Diego's bay. Yeah... nothing says "safe" like huge Navy hovercrafts, helicopters hovering above, humongous cruise ships, and speedy fast boats zipping out to Catalina island.

Now, I need your help here. Right by Coronado bridge a helicopter dropped 2 guys into the water. By dropped I mean 2 dudes literally jumped or dove or were thrown into the water. The cold water. Oh and 5 minutes later the chopper came back and scooped the guys up. It created ot's of splashiness... Why would they do that? Is it:

a) Some kind of frat house type of initiation; or
b) Because the jumpers took Ambian and suddenly had sudden abnormal thoughts of suicide; or
c) That they wanted to intimidate us since we were obviously green on the boat (ever saw a sailboat do a 3 point turn?)

Or ... provide your own answer. Just help me figure the conundrum. Conundrum. Such a fun word to say, try it out, see how your mouth and tongue will enjoy it without catching cooties or getting you into trouble!

p.s. I so want to put up THE pic of the helicopter BUT I'm on the boat with VERY limited connection
p.p.s. fuck you Verizon and your promises of hotspot connectivity with the Droid
p.p.p.s fuck you Tom Riddle of the geeky support group, Tom Riddle? Really? Was your user name Darth Vader prior to Harry Potter's success? Your solutions to the problem did not work!



  1. LMAO @ the tom riddle.

    They from what I understand often drop them in freezing water as a part of the training.

  2. My thoughts exactly, you are docked close by training maneuvers. (how do you spell maneuvers?)

  3. Has to be some sort of survival training. Why else would anybody choose to go swimming in winter?

  4. Those assholes being dropped in the water actually work for Verizon. They are testing their new 2011 product the Droid Splash.

    Yeah.. that was really, really lame. It's late on a school night, don't shoot me.


  5. wow, what douche bags... Sucks that you don't have good conectivity on the boat.. maybe they will upgrade it soon!


  6. oh i have been swimming in winter...not the smartest thing...

  7. Navy Special Warfare Group 1 (Navy SEALS) is based out of Coronado... That'd be my guess...

  8. secret spies looking for hidden treasures

  9. Navy training sounds feasible... but let not rule out what a guy might do if he just had enough. For example:

    First, he dunks 'em in, then lets 'em freeze a little bit & then, he comes back & says, "Now do you think it's a good idea to give a tie as a Christmas gift?"

  10. Maybe it is a yearly "scare the boaters" tradition?

  11. Conundrum: A percussion instrument designed for two cloistered women.

  12. forget a pic of the helicopter - we're these dudes in wet suits? wet suits are hot. do you hear me now verizon? we need pics of men in wet suits!

  13. Yah. I'm with pattypunker.

    and LOL @ your Verizon comment

  14. Sexy Sealsicles would be my guess. Clearly those were women in the copter who just couldn't take just sitting around staring at Navy Seals all day. So they had to act and what better way than to take some Seals, dunk in cold water to flash freeze, scoop up and enjoy them all day. Better than popsicles since the fun would increase when they melted.

    Sorry...my mind needs a good cleaning but that never happens until Spring.

    @ Tom Riddle and Verizon...clearly, you are just jealous of the Sealsicles but Nikki shouldn't have to suffer for your shortcomings.

  15. Are they part of that polar bear club? Or do those only exist here where it's subzero?

    Con-un-drum. Con-un-drum. I love it.

  16. @ Oilfield: just the fact that you are about THE first to comment on each of my posts makes me either fear your stalkishness or... maybe I just may be hearting you soooo much!
    @ Vapid: how do you spell "i'm so thankful you're visiting me"
    @ Mynx: survival indeed! water is FEEEEEZING (hence the extra zeds, heh heh, let's confuse the americanos with the pronunciation of the letter z(ed)
    @SD: haha, now let's not say assholes too loud, prep h may attack verizon
    @ Amber: that's my FAVE insult - douch bags, or just douche or doucharino! :o)
    @ Brian: I once (totally unplanned) took a dip in a white water river in May, I was in shock for 3 days... BRRRRRR
    @ JP: yeah, they're ALL over (like Rover) the place... sigh!
    @ Not: treasures? eeks, hope it's not like the sunken treasures of Dexter... (chills)
    @ Vinny: your comment deserves an award... hahaha, throw a dude off a chopper cause of a tie for x-mas? too funny!
    @ Kinber: yeah, that they did! indeed...
    @ Bluz: by cloistered, are we talkin uhm slipper eaters? wink-wink!
    @ punker: hubba hubba too bad I couldn't see... too far, but i like howzya think sugar dawl!
    @ Cinder: yay, i hear ya. and thanks!
    @ Nari: hhaha ok your comment also deserves an award, like Vinny, but maybe better (sorry Vin, check it out, it's friggin funny!)
    @ Chrissy: yeah, i think they only exist north of Missouri. Then again, does anything exist in Missouri? Ever been there? Ugh! (sorry Missourians, but... other than the Ozarks whatchyagot???) and did I ever tell you I've been reading you for like, uh (gosh blush blush) for 4-5 years and having you comment my blog is like a garage band being visited by Paul McCartney!!! yeah, that bad! :o)

  17. your on a boat???

    K I am going with the Ambien one cause seriously this drug is amazingly unpredictable!


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