Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is My Blog The New Exercise Machine?
You know THAT exercise machine that quietly sits in your basement acting as a clothes hanger? Or the handy one that folds flat and remains hidden under your bed? Or that stationary bike in the garage buried under clutter and more clutter and boxes of old clothing (the clothes you've outgrown but was hoping to fit into again after using that stationary bike)...

Yeah. That machine. The "I will dedicate my life to this machine and use it to make myself a better person" toy. Which eventually becomes the "Tomorrow I will use it" machine. And ultimately ends up as the "Just hang that shit on that handle bar there" thing.

I go through phases. And when I'm in a phase I plunge head first and enjoy every single aspect of the new phase. The new love. The new thing. I've dabbled with watercolors, ceramics, drawing, drumming (haha, THAT was funny), surfing, kayaking, cycling, ad nauseum'ing...  I've purchased so many toys, equipment and uniforms that I wonder how I've managed to set money aside and build a little cushion!

And now what? I haven't posted since last Tuesday. And I'm not falling apart, I'm not going all psycho about checking my stats, my numbers or my comments. Is my blog like an unused exercise machine I just may try to sell on CraigsList? Oooh, can I do that?

Every single time I fell in love I had to pull back and wonder if the new love was another "thing" or phase. I held back from telling guys I loved them simply because I totally didn't trust myself. I hate breaking hearts. And I would find out if it was a phase once it was too late and the dude was totally hooked and showing me rings. Oops. Have I ever mentioned my lesbian phase? Oh yeah. Oops. (Again).

Soooooooo... I'll be back. I know it. And I do apologize to my new followers/readers. Oops. In the meantime I'm obsessing over roller-derby, learning Spanish and scuba diving. Oh and dolphins. I fucking love the dolphins! If I can figure out how to hang clothes on a dolphin I just may buy one!




  1. I'm holding you to that "I'll be back". I'll be waiting.

  2. I understand and we'll be here when you get back. Have fun exploring new passions until you are ready to return.

  3. @ Vinny & Jewels: oh I will be back! And I am reading other blogs, I'm just going through another phase. Yay me! ;)

  4. I seriously could have written this blog post.. well mostly.. I too go through phases and have dablled in so many things it's not funny... We will patiently await your return. :) have fun w/the roller derby!

  5. I've missed you sweety but totally understand and will patiently wait for your passion to again turn to writing. Have fun being a rockstar!

  6. To keep exercising, one sometimes needs a personal trainer to yell at them and keep motivated.

    If you need someone to yell at you about blogging, allow me to hand you my resume... =P

  7. @ Amber: pssst! And I too considered getting into blog/web design... I know right?
    @ Random: Rockstar? Didn't I just recently hear Hank Moody's daughter say "Rockstar, yeah right, I can't even get a boy to let me give him a blowjob" hahaha!
    @ Lost: YOU ARE HIRED! The pay sucks though, but it's ok because the benefits are the sheer delight of working with MOI!

  8. You have a basement on the boat? lol

  9. I miss you but I totally understand. Scuba diving and roller derbying with Spanish dolphins sounds awesome! But how do you get the skates on their fins?

  10. Everyone goes through phases like that in just about every hobby or new adventure.

    Enjoy indulging your new hobbies, and we'll be here when you get back, dear.~ :)

  11. oh alright...guess you could post some rollerblade pics at least you know...smiles.

    see you soon.

  12. How dare you have a real life at our expense?
    Seriously, do what you gotta do and enjoy what you do!

  13. Hey there, just trying to catch up on my few favorite blogs in a 10 minute window of down time before we leave tomorrow. I think you should probably not stress too much, compared to me you are totally consistent right now! I've completely ignored my blog for weeks now, not days. But I'm back and hoepfully will finally have some time to post more often.

    I just try and figure that if your readers like your blog, they should take your hiatus as a chance to read past posts. Seriously, why doesn't anyone ever read old posts?? I mean except for me, I've read every post anyone ever made...

    PS. we should go scube diving some day! The wife just finished her academic section and is getting PADI certified once we are in Indonesia! booyah.

    Also, I agree about dolphins. And I'm a big fan of lesbian phases.


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