Sunday, December 4, 2011

A 3-Week Pictorial

Please enjoy the first leg of my journey.

Its getting cold and windy in La Paz. We're thinking of heading towards warmer climates yet. Apparently the low 70s is now deemed unacceptable to mi esposo. Harumph! Last night I woke to a wet bed. How sweet - hot flashes! Love this getting older trend I'm in. Yeah. Just loving it!


  1. looks like quite the adventure and the pics are beautiful! Thanks for sharing for those of us that are landlocked!

  2. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful.

  3. Wow! You took some amazing photos! What a great adventure! I want to be down there sipping on a Pacifico.... (or maybe three or more)

  4. Nikki
    These photos are supreme! Love seeing you and Booby enjoying your lives.


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