Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello Texas!
I'm off today. Traveling to Texas! Actually, not quite true. Just like Roman Polanski didn't perform a rape-rape, I'm not in Texas-Texas. I'm in the Blue Orchid of Texas. Yeehaw!

I'm guest-posting for a blog pal, David. I love doing guest posts. It's like really actually visiting somewhere different. Since I've been anchored in the same small village for the past 3 weeks, I needed to move again. I get itchy when I stay put for a while. And I've been scratching all over... Itchin' to travel.

Find me HERE! And ah, what the heck, go and check out David's bourbon laden stories while you're at it. You just may want to grab a whip, put on some stirrups, and belt out a solid "Giddy up!"

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  1. alright, on my way over...texas is cool....and good food...


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