Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Blog is Nicheless Most Likely Because I am Without a Niche Myself?

Neil Kramer of Citizen of the Monthhas been pondering the question of niches lately both on his blog and Twitter. It’s also been a topic among my group of Unsettled Bloggers at Studio 30+. To niche or not to niche – that is the question.

Me – as a person – cannot be niched. I just can’t. Years ago, shit what am I saying decades ago, I was hired as administrator for a funky and very indie theater company. Among the playwrights and actors I frequented I was viewed as the administrator (best if pronounced with a British accent). The str8 one. Although I had zero qualifications to do any kind of accounting whatsoever, they still perceived me as the administrator (best if pronounced with a British accent, things haven’t changed). But, among my friends outside my professional network, I was viewed as the artist. The freak. Some even called me Granola.

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