Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's going on in my brain...

I was looking at this can this week-end. Impressed by their claim to "Destroy bacterial odors at the source & in the air"

I thought to myself: wow... in the air ok, but at the source? Every odor? Of course when it comes to stinky smells I think of farts. Hmm, where do farts come from? They come from my butt. This spray will destroy the bacteria right all the way deep in my butt? Man am I EVER impressed now! How can they do that?

Then I picture what really comes out of the can when I spray it...

Below is what springs up in my imagination (roughly drawn as I am sitting where I always go to think deep thoughts which also coincides with the need to use this product) Yeah I can visually see an army of these mutant little microscopic super bacteria avengers. An army of epic proportions as only seen in movies such Lord of the Ring. Then my butt started to itch big time. The army had reached it's destination...

Happy Sunday!


  1. Ive always wondered about farts. Can you really light them on fire? Who could I convince to let me try to light their farts? What makes them smell? What makes them loud? I spend way too much time thinking about such things.

  2. Oh yes they certainly do light up! I've witnessed a friend in college burn his butt hairs doing this! It was so funny, not only do they light up but it actually helps reduce the stink! You have kids don't you? I'm sure you could convince them to light one up! hahaha! And you thought you'd embarrassed your husband before, try doing this little party trick at your next PTA!

  3. Not Spam... Promise. I just couldnt find you on Twitter..... Holly

    I passed along the versatile blogger award to you -


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