Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where's the Middle Ground?

The other day I posted about how I am thankful for the trailer trashy reality shows. I am amazed and intrigued by the fact there is no middle ground in reality shows. We go from that messy house show, to Cops, to some Dog the bounty hunter dude, to... the Kardashians, My Sweet Sixteen, and Real Housewives of ... wherever.


Although I am sure Paris Hilton has a side we don't know, and she may be really a sweet person and a great friend to have, why do we need to watch her search for a new BFF? And, is there no middle ground? Why is it that this reality show thing has nothing near any reality I know about? I don't know any woman who would leave her man for his sister then show up on national TV to show her tits as she's telling him why his sister is her true soul mate.

I don't know anybody, ever, anywhere, who would spend $1.4 million on his son's 16th birthday bash. He was yesterday's finalist for the blingest of all sweet 16 parties btw. Did you know it would cost you $1 million to have Kanye West perform at your kid's party? Shit man, I'm in the wrong industry. I need to organize parties for the über rich.

Yeah... can't wait for the reality show craze to fade away. I'll stick to The Office for now... and Breaking bad, and True Blood once the season starts again, and my favorite serial killer Dexter (next September) and Californication... I'll stick to the utter nonsense of non reality! I'll trade you an imagined or created meth manufacturer, vampire, killer, sex addict over Dog trying to hunt down a real meth dealer, the housewife who acts like a vampire, a teenager trying to kill his parents by forcing them to spend oodles and oodles of money for simple bragging rights and all the other sex addicts of Jerry Springer ANY DAY.

Encourage your fellow artists by watching real TV and real movies. Some may be super duper rich, but the majority of actors and writers are starving. Maybe my friend Sabrina can adopt some actors and writers? (see below post)


  1. Sweet Jesus I HATE reality shows... all of them. Frankly, I have enough reality everyday. When I watch tv.... I want escape!

    The other day the daughter was watching that sweet sixteen bling show. I found myself wanting to not only strangle the parents but to do vile things to their little designer pets and push the birthday girls down a steep flight of stairs. Especially that 15 who cried then got a car after going to mother fucking Paris to but her dress! What was her name? Ana?? Something like that. I started having palpitations and made her turn the channel.

  2. Mama Holly! I really don't care for them either! I'm just fascinated... like a scientist will be curious about odd behaviors in animal life. It's frightening to think of teens watching these shows and expecting their lives to be similar... or worse expect to become instantly famous also. It's no longer an oddity for kids to say they want to be a reality show star...

  3. Okay, I admit it. I actually LOVE some of them. How can you watch Intervention and not feel better about yourself when an hour before you hated your life?

  4. I know what you mean Chrissy, but then right after that trailer trash show to make you feel better about yourself they program some bling bling show to remind you of why you felt crappy before, so you stay tuned for the next show of trash and then you are trapped in a wheel of feel good pill to a depression reminder downer pill back to the feel good pill until you feel like George Jetson on that dog walking thing yelling "Jane! Help me off this stupid thing!!!" When you realize you are alone at home, and you don't even know anyone called Jane, and even Bernie walks away leaving you even more alone and sad and lonely. I say go cold turkey! Keep wet facecloths around the house to soothe those cold sweats you'll be breaking into! And break free from those shows. Watch the hot Erik this coming Sunday on True Blood! Hooootttttt!


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