Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's NOT a Spill, nor a Leak... m'kay?

This is what happens with a SPILL. 
A spill, in Urban Dictionary terms is defined as "To knock over a liquid of some sort." 

This is what can solve a LEAK.
A leak, in Urban Dictionary terms is defined as: "piss that seeps from incontinence pants worn in the main by the elderly"

The BP oil fiasco? Why do we feel the need to minimize the disaster by using such mild terms? Spill or leak... FUCK YOU! Are we in a national state of denial? This is a disaster of major enormous gigantic and humongous proportions. It's ugly beyond ugly. And the CEO of BP tries to gain our sympathy by wanting his life back? Aaah, poor guy, ever feel like using your creative juices to really let him know how you feel? Click here. This link will magically take you to the BP contact page. Have fun and please, if you read me you obviously aren't the type to hold back so go for it. Tell him how you feel sorry for him now that HE has no life!

DISCLAIMER: I am being über sarcastic when I talk about sympathy for the douche bag who has no life. He took away lives.  He took them away.


  1. Screw the BP CEO who wants his life back! The men and women who make their living on the water want their LIVELIHOOD back, the animals want their eco system back, and those of us who grew up on the gulf want it BACK.
    FUCK Him and the other BP execs. We should use THEIR dead fat bodies to stuff the hole and stop the leak.

  2. I know, we should all write them in our own colorful way... let them know! Don't ya think? His life back... how fucking insulting. I'm still shaking about it and that was how long ago he claimed that???

  3. yea, no sympathy for that turd. I mean, he's human sure but...
    I know too much about the specifics b/c of mr glasses and some others who are actually involved in this crap and...
    BP fucked it. HARD. THey ignored shit. HARD. Why? to save a lil moolah.
    I have to stop now. It's about to get bad.

  4. You are awesome. Great post. It's only a matter of time before we all feel the effects more directly. Some people (to use the term loosely) just won't admit when they are f*k ups.


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