Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes Shit Just Happens

Was having a perfectly crappy day from beginning to end until my mommy stepped in and ruined a perfectly shitty day by saying these magical words: "I have a little package for you, should I ship it now or wait a better time?" She knows me so well. Not only is she in tune with my moods without even hearing from me today, but she knows not to send stuff at any given time since I can be on the road for lengthy periods of time.

"It all depends on what it is.." I told her.  She answered that it was a surprise. Another magical word. Surprise. I was that kid who'd buy the surprise bag at the store simply because a surprise (even if it was crap I'd later throw out) was and still is better than knowing what you're getting. It gives you the feeling of getting a wrapped up gift. Who cares if I bought it for myself, it was wrapped up and I had no clue what was inside!

My mom is wonderful. Have YOU hugged your mother lately? If possible, could you hug yours for me since I won't be seeing mine for a while, just say Miss Nikki sent you! Thanks!


  1. I didnt hug her, but I went in the back of my closet ( where she "lives" ) and shook her box for you. Does that count?

  2. Yeah! I guess it counts, at least it surprised me big time and never ever would have guessed at getting a comment like that. And you know I like surprises... You're funny.


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