Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lost in Translation

How did Stieg Larsson's first book get translated from "The Men who Hated Women" to "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo"? Because the actual title is about a dude who hates women. I'm at page 156. That chick with the tats? She's so be my best friend if she existed. But chances are, if she did exist she'd think I was a total idiot (because I smile too much, makes me look like a retard, hmm probably why I always want to be friends with people who are labeled as such, they seem so friendly, I just want to hold their hands).

I don't understand the total change of meaning behind the translation. Poor Stieg, he's probably grumbling 6 feet under - totally and utterly angry at his artistic integrity being assaulted by this change.

As Seinfeld would say "What's up with that?"

p.s Awesome read so far, rumors are it's a total bore until you hit page 100, I was hooked by page 20, yeah I'm a superior being like that, I've learned to accept it early in life!


  1. now I want to read that book.

    I smile a lot too plus I carry around Homer Simpson dolls. I think I might be worse off than you my dear.

  2. Homer Simpson dolls! Cooooool... I like him, he's my favorite Simpsons character. Do you actually carry the dolls around? With you publicly? Like a cute little girl with her dolls? That would so be awesome!

    I have a big sized beanie baby of the ideal dog I would have if my life currently permitted me to have a dog. When shit hits the fan I sleep with the dog. Hug him all night long. My dude thinks I'm turning into one of those insane old ladies. But agrees with me on the choice of puppy and sometimes he's the one to play with it. We're sick like that too!

    Thanks for commenting! I'll re-post on the book in a few days. So far I can see why it's the most translated trilogy around the world! Huge success! Huge! (That's what she said)

  3. As a girl with 2 dragons tattoos, I may have to check this book out.

  4. Oh that's right! I remember reading you had 2 dragon tatoos. That's pretty hot for a midwestern mama (have they kicked you out of the pta yet?) Hahaha! This book is pretty heavy on the nazi history, deals a lot with racism and tolerance. Kind of a strange mix of whodunit, romance, history lesson, social study, etc.


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