Friday, June 11, 2010

50 Ideas for Blog Posts

Mmmm chocolate!

There's been quite a lot of talk lately about writer's block or word constipation or blockage if you prefer. Me? Words flow out like an uncontrolled diarrhea. But, are all these words and stories interesting and publish-worthy? I hope that somewhere in every 1,000 words I've got at least a phrase or idea that shines out. Like a pretty flower in a field of wildly growing weeds and poison ivy...

I did a brainstorm with myself (that's what people with no friends do, solo brainstorming). Here is the result of this brainstorm of ideas, or what I like to call ex-lax for the constipated writer.  Hope some of these ideas help pull the plug on the mental blockage!
  1. If a reality TV show were done on your life, what would it be called, how would you be portrayed, what channel would it be on? Lifetime? MTV? Court TV? Home and Garden? CSPAN? CNN? A&E?
  2. Describe Glen Beck's (Sarah Palin) biggest fan: what does he/she do for a living, level of education, has a family or is a loner, southern or northern, typical day in his/her life, etc.
  3. Wal-Mart, through time has changed quite a lot, what do you think is up next in Wal-Mart's progress? Or do you forecast a diminution or failure coming up?
  4. If you were in charge of choosing the punishment for the people in charge of the BP fiasco, what would it be? What about Osama Bin Laden? Or Bernie Madoff?
  5. Imagine a conversation between yourself today and yourself at 15. At 15 we start shaping our dreams of the future, we have ideas on how to make the world a better place. Would the 15 yr old you kick your ass for swaying so far away from those ideal visions of life? Or hug you for going beyond those hopes?
  6. Growing up, did you have a role model, other than your father or mother? Who was it? Do you still have contact with this person? How has this person played a key role in shaping who you've become? Have you thanked this person? If not, how could you thank him or her today (if this person is still alive)?
  7. Do you have any regrets? If you could go back in time is there anything you would do differently?
  8. Describe the best day of your life.
  9. Describe the worst day of your life.
  10. Do you have a lifelong nemesis? What would you say to this person right now if you could or had the courage to?
  11. If a movie was written about your life what would it be? A comedy? A romance? A murder-mystery? A horror flick? A tear jerker? A B movie?
  12. Why would Michael Moore ever want to interview you for something you've actually really done? Would it be something good or bad?
  13. Ever try to cry your way out of a traffic violation? How did it go? Ever show up in court to fight a rightfully accused traffic or parking violation?
  14. What's the weirdest sexual request you've ever gotten? Did you do it?
  15. If you were schizophrenic, what other personality-ties would your conscious self most likely be apt to create?
  16. What is the most random and amazing thing you've ever done to help out a total stranger?
  17. Have you ever willingly taken the blame for something you didn't do simply because you wanted to protect the guilty one?
  18. If your life's biggest disaster or disappointment was a country music song, how would it be titled?
  19. What do you do or impose upon yourself on a daily basis simply because it's expected of you? Like wear make-up but hate it, or talk to your annoying neighbor because you know you need to borrow his tools frequently.
  20. Are you the best you can be? Are you too lazy to be the best you can be? Have you been putting off to the never-coming tomorrow becoming who you really want to become? Why? Or how and what are doing to knowingly be the best you?
  21. Do you have kids? How have they changed your life and your relationship?  Made things better or worst? Did you choose to have kids or did it happen accidentally?
  22. Has your life swayed from your dreams? If so, do you know exactly what choice or decision you've made to cause this sway? Is it better or worst than what you'd dream? If you could would you go back and change things?
  23. Do you feel people get you? Like really get you and understand who you are? How far from the real you do you think people imagine you? Do you try to correct them so they better understand you?
  24. What's the rudest comment a stranger has ever told you? What was your reaction?
  25. If you were a fashion police, what style tendency would you outlaw and ban forever?
  26. Do you remember as a kid or teen or college student realizing "this is the best time of my life?" and how did it affect you in that exact moment?
  27. Do you have an embarrassing relative? A drunk old aunt, a pervin uncle? What if YOU are the family's embarrassing relative?
  28. Do you look forward to family gatherings? Or dread them?
  29. How do you want your funeral to be? How many people do you want? What do you hope people will say or write about you? How do you want to be remembered? Are you doing what needs to be done for this to happen or still putting it off to tomorrow?
  30. Do you remember your weirdest dream ever? How about the most frightening nightmare?
  31. How does your cell phone best match your personality?
  32. What's the weird little stupid beliefs you cling to simply because it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling to rely on this belief?
  33. Have you ever sharted yourself in public? Seen somebody shart themselves?
  34. When witnessing a crime, and realizing your are the only one to see it do you stand up and say something or stay clear away so you don't get tangled in the mess? If the answer is "it depends" give examples!
  35. Ever realize you were in a situation of danger? Being followed, or harassed that you were so aware that something very bad could happen if you did the wrong move? Say the wrong thing? What did you do to ensure your safety?
  36. Have you ever been flashed by a weirdo?
  37. What does your spouse do that always reminds you that you've made the right choice?
  38. How far would you be willing to go to protect the ones you love?
  39. Your parents have come to a point where independent living is impossible. He/she or they ask you to move into your home rather than an old folks home or hospice. Do you accept if you have the financial means and a big enough home to take them in?
  40. What do you wish you could change in your life?
  41. When's the last time you laughed so hard you actually peed your pants? What was so funny?
  42. Which The Office (or Sex in the City) character are you? Which character do you hate? Does he or she remind you of anybody you know? Work with? Live with? Are friends with?
  43. Do you have any friendships you want to end? What makes this person your frennemy? Why don't you get rid of this person?
  44. What were you doing the moment your heard about the 9-11 attack? What were the first thoughts to go through your mind? How has this event changed your life in the immediate 2 weeks following the attacks? Has your life changed for the best based on a new perspective of things? Or were you in any way a direct victim and haven't yet managed to put the pieces back together?
  45. If all expenses were paid (travel and lodging), would you take time off work to go to the Gulf of Mexico and volunteer your time to help clean up the mess?
  46. Would you change religion for the love of your life if it was a detriment to being in that relationship?
  47. Have you ever had an invention you left in your brain, never sharing it with others but years later seen this very invention come to life and hear people claim how brilliant it was?
  48. Which famous star do you look like?
  49. Had you been a contestant on the Gong Show, what would have been your silly (or amazing) performance? How long do you think you would have lasted before they gonged you off-stage?
  50. Which question would YOU add to make this a round 50 list of items?
p.s. I dedicate this post to my soul-sistah at the writing womb


    1. Dang! Now THERE are some writing suggestions!

    2. I need to brain storm like this. Seriously. Great topics !

    3. #50 what don't you want to write about? just keep putting 'I don't wanna write about..' then fill in the blank, you will be surprised what weird stuff comes up...all kind of taboo stuff
      Thanks for the shout out Soul Sista!
      This is a great list and I am excited to use it as my creative ex lax if I should need it in the future.
      Something has been bugging me today, who is Humpty Dumpty really? I mean, why was he so important that all the kings horses and all the kings men even bothered to try to put him together again? I'm just makes you think doesn't it? And really, he wasn't so smart being an egg and sitting on a wall...umm survival of the fittest right? Maybe if he was hardboiled he would of bounced back nicely from that fall...
      bye bye

    4. Those ideas are there for anybody to play with if need be... Use em, change em, make em your own. Like Holly said on Twitter: just send money. Ha ha.

      Yeah, what's up with the Humpty Dumpty dude anyways? I always wondered about that. Should we send out an assignment to the blogland? Something we should all attack and write about? Yuck, forget it. I'm already grossed out by the thought of the word "assignment". Sounds too much like work. Is that why it starts with the word "ass"?
      Cause the guy who gives them out is most likely to be one?

      Thanks for the comments, as you all know like all bloggers, I too am a whore for comments.


    Unless you are a zombie or a fembot, your comments are totally appreciated! Loved. Desired. And wanted (I added that in case it was not clear)