Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kissed By A Blogger (Girl)!

I got kissed... by a GIRL! But, shhhhh! Don't tell Holly! She doesn't get it! (please read her random post). But, no it wasn't a kiss like Sandra Bullock's awkward clean sceptic kiss on Scarlett Johansson's lips live at the MTV awards...

It was a sweet chocolate kiss! Mmmmm - cho-co-late!

I am permitted to post this sweet image on my blog as long as I don't barf on RawknRobyn's face. Which I didn't do. I didn't barf on her face, nor on the face of my laptop which represents her face... So I'm posting the image here. So there.  I did it. I got kissed by a girl. Thanks Rawkn Robyn, for a 2nd time THIS week, you've rocked my world. The first time was with a super speedy comment you put up no less than 1/2 an hour after I'd published my post. You rock. You make me feel like somebody out there is waiting to read me. Sweeeet! And this morning I wake up to thunder and lightning to find out you've given me a kiss. Ooh! A rainbow always has a pot of gold at the end of it, and today that rainbow points to my computer!

Life's not a bitch when it's sealed with a kiss!

p.s. on a side note, have you ever been to Hershey in Pennsylvania? The street lights are topped with kiss-shaped domes. These domes alternate between a foil wrapped kiss with the red tag sticking out, and the unwrapped chocolate kiss. They cover every street light lined up on Chocolate Ave. That's cool. Or should I say sweeeet? Or, shaweeet as my 13 yr old niece would say?


  1. Chocolate kisses are waaay different...Chocolate makes everything bearable. Well except for the #2 on my list. Right under the girl thing. ... but I digress.
    Congrats on your kiss!! is does look yummy.

  2. You know you can have one too... if you follow her blog you can be kissed! Holly, you've also rocked my world, once again I get a comment on a hot off the press post. I love this... haaaaa (that my friend was a sweet sigh of delight).

  3. Oh Miss Nikki, I'm so glad my kiss had that effect on you and that you didn't barf in my face. If Katy Perry can enjoy kisses from a girl, anyone can. Right? I love your quote that Life's not a bitch when sealed with a kiss. I'm going to record that, with credit to you of course. I haven't been to Penn's Hershey factory. I wish, though they may have a photo of me up saying "Do not allow this person anywhere near the factory." I have been to a little Hershey's factory in Oakdale, CA. It was fun, but they closed it down and moved it over seas. I almost organized a protest before they did that, but logistics made that difficult. It's quite a trek from here.
    More kisses to you,
    PS Thanks again for not barfing in my face!

  4. mmm chocolate covered girl kisses? i can think of nothing better! that's hawt for sure. Um i just started the atkins diet and i am afraid that all this reading about sweet hershey's carbs is a no no on this diet but i indulged nonethelesss! great post ;o) now i am hungry and i get to imagine my can of dry tuna is sweet chocolate...ughh what a boring diet! the end


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