Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Fear of the Day is:


I've been busy lately so these past few days I've been having fun playing catch-up with my blog, catching up reading my fave blogs (so many to choose from!) and visiting Twitter (when it works, it's been a cranky bitch on pms today hasn't it? Is that normal? Is it?)

And, I don't know if I've transferred my ex-addiction from Facebook (which I've recently totally cut out of my life, if it really can be done, rumors are it's worst than a tumor, it doesn't go away, so I deleted item. per. fucking. item. per. goddam. picture. per. liked. buttons. per. comment. per. drunkenlatenightstupidbantering. per. friend. per. friend. of. people. I. confirmed. only. because. I. did. not. want. to. insult. by. clicking. ignore). It was only a full blown 2-day, 24-hour per day project. No probs! So yeah, my ex-addiction to Facebook MAY have been transferred to commenting on others blogs.

Sounds great you think? Ha ha, think again! Some of my comments are like 2-page dissertations! What is going on with me? My number one complaint with Twitter (other than it being constantly full capacity today and having to repost everything 10 times just to find out even if it said problems had been encountered they were entered every time) so yeah my number one bitch with Twitter is the character limit to everything including personal messages!

I'm French ok. I go on and on. My translation in my brain requires more words. Ever saw a French text next to the same version of it in English? It's always twice as long (then watch out on the Japanese version, theirs triple and quadruple the English text, yeah, you've seen "Lost in Translation" no? No? Oh, please see it, it's pretty good.)

Yeah, so my fear is this:

That PLUS the fact that I am seldom serious. No, seriously. I don't take myself seriously. I joke. I banter. I even spit a bit when I get excited with the thought of getting some laughs (wanna see my laptop screen?). With a spoonful of sugar the sarcasm will go down! I am still praying they WILL come out with a sarcasm font. One that especially can be used in comment boxes and message boards (i.e. Twitter and Studio 30 Plus). I need it like, 3 years ago.

So many fears. That was today's Fear Flavor Of The Day. Of course this post has been brought to you today by the letter F.


  1. I'm just glad I am too computer-stupid to do the twitter thing. I also transferred my facebook addiction to the blogosphere. I think you're doing alright. Your following is still growing, and we love ya.
    Oh, come by my blog too. I have something for you.

  2. Being serious is overrated! The limiting of characters on Twitter irritates me too.... if you don't already know, I talk ALOT. lol

  3. I got an award today!
    Holly - don't look because the award is a kiss... FROM A GIRL!
    Jules, ok, I will listen to you (hmm but its because you have a Masters degree, see? It wasn't wasted time. And also, see? People do pay attention when they read your posts!)
    Thanks Robyn, see MY new post? Now I'll put it up on my wall of shame. Yeah, I think it can be a wall of shame since it's proof that I'm a stalker!


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