Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weird Music Wednesday

I'm going to try something out for a while. I'll try to make Wednesdays Weird Music Wednesday. Actually, in reality, to me this stuff isn't weird at all, it's funky or eclectic or a tad bit radically different from the blast of stuff you hear over and over and over again on any regular radio station convinced that repeating top 40s is the only way to deliver music or keep an audience and sell ads. Thank god for college radio stations across the country for tuning our ears to new stuff!

So for my first Weird Music Wednesday post I'd like to share this delightful little album. United Future Organization, or UFO as I refer to. Here's a link to the Amazon page where you can sample their stuff.

What kind of music is this? It's smooth lounge music. Really cool techno stuff that isn't "ravish", so - no, there is no need to swallow a little pill labeled with a "e" to get it, or annoyingly weird like fusion jazz that features a group of people playing together who obviously aren't listening to one another like grade school kids in a playground yelling for attention.This is the kind of stuff you can picture yourself with a martini glass in hand, comfortably crashed in a red velvet couch at your favorite lounge...

This is the album I always turned to when my boss asked me to design a new flash promo thing. I'd shut the door, unplug my phone, turn off my cell, and blare this stuff. It inspired me to create. Or at least I got to sit there and think about things and take a long break as my boss believed I was busy creating his new hot flash presentation for his international conferences. I was a speed worker, designed flash stuff that normally took hours and hours in less than 30 minutes (what he didn't know didn't kill him). With a closed door he was more in awe of my work than if I actually let him see me. Kinda like the dressed cocktail waitress in a strip club turning more heads than the naked dancer...

I love this album. I have loads of stuff I want to share with you. Choosing my first pick was a debate. Afraid that the first pick would symbolize my favorite. It doesn't, it's just what mood I'm currently in. I do promise to share stuff you'll (hopefully) have never heard of, I just ask for an open ear and an open mind.

Hope you like it! Feel free to let me know what you think, and mostly to share your little personal hot discovery...


  1. Great Wednesday theme. I think I need to re-listen to this in the eve and not morning. It's more relaxing versus awakening.

  2. OH-MY-GOD!!! RawknRobyn you've just totally rocked my world by slapping me with a comment less than 1/2 an hour AFTER I put up my post! Thanks for making my day! You are wonderfully delightful this morning... Cheers, and yes it may be night music. Hmm... I listen to this stuff anytime of day though, but I'd have to agree with you. I do hope you'll like it! If you like it, that means you could like me as a person too! (hee hee hee)

  3. Definitely lovin the new Wed theme ! Thanks for the link. Very calming.


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