Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weird Music Wednesday FOR A GAY PURPLE DAY

I originally posted this song on June 30. Little did I know today would be the official "Wear Purple Day" in memory of the recent suicides due to gay abuse. I have no tolerance for intolerance. Live and let live.

I LOVE this song. LOVE it! This is MY JAM MAN! You know,  this is the music that puts an instant smile on my face. Last night was a cruddy night? I need me a rush of Gogol Bordello with a Captain and Coke. Which succeeds more in making me smile? Who cares, all I know is I am smiling now. When I first heard this funky little gypsy tune I wanted to hang a row of pompoms in my car (have the string of pompoms, just never got to it), let my hair grow (which I did) and dance in the rain (which I do, sometimes).

Who needs illegal substances when you have dudes like Gogol Bordello singing the joys of purple? Who I says, who? (Owls say "hoo" that's who!) So go: wear purple and sing it, sing it loud and when you are asked why you are doing this? Tell them it's so you can be more tolerant and open.


  1. Until today...... I had never heard this. Thanks for introducing me.

  2. Thanks Holly. I'm thinking of forever dedicating these posts to you... You're always so nice to mention you check the music out. I wonder if I should continue with these or quit. ;o) Cheers beotch! (I'm only saying that cause of your Studio30+ forum post, I think your comments are always a hoot even when you suggest I delete it!)


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