Thursday, July 1, 2010

For My ADD Readers

A "friend" from work overheard me talking to my mom on the phone a while back. He later asked me what language I was speaking. I looked at him and said "You know I'm French right?" He replied "Of course I do."

So I said "Then I was speaking Russian. Of course." His eyes popped out... "Wow... that is SOOOO cool!" Wonder if to this day he still thinks I speak Russian. And, would that explain why he always looks at me with wonder in his eyes like I'm I'm just another marvel?


  1. Like the great Ron White once said, "you just can't fix stupid." Poor boy, bless his heart, he probably still thinks your speaking Russian.

  2. Oh mystery girl....French or Russian or Richard Nixon...I love you.

    Holly did a great job on your background image!

  3. @ Holly: no you can't... that's why I'm still unfixable! haha!
    @ Catherine: I just can't seem to get a fix on how I want to represent myself! Hahaha, at least that Nixon mask is far far away, and Holly is a wonderful artist (but she doesn't know it)

  4. @ Christy: he's a racer. Same thing but in male version. But you didn't hear it from me. Oh, ok you did.

  5. LOL Nikki! Yeah I would agree with that assessment.


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