Friday, June 18, 2010

Yayyyy! I've got 20 followers!

My number just hiked up to 20. That's makes me a happy camper. I know, I'm not the goddess of blogs like the Blogess, but 20 for me is a lot.  A LOT! Like Big Lots! (what the hell is that store anyways? they have everything randomly placed) Thanks for following me. Hmm... Should I raffle away some piece of me? Some little goody somebody may want? I'm so jealous of Mean Girl for her giveaway. Giveaways are cool.

There was this other blogger I followed (Shame on me for not remembering who it was. Shame on me.) who gave away her old designer purses she no longer used but still had enough in them to be loved all over again. I have stuff that can still be loved. I have stuff too! But stay away from my coffee maker. That thing stays with me. It stays. See it? Not only is it beautiful, but it makes a beautiful thang. Awesome coffee. Anything else is just dishwater. Why do you drink dishwater?


  1. Congratulations!! You are like a rock star (or at least the really awesome backup singer). And I want your coffemaker, I might even pull some hair to get it..

  2. I'm here from Jennifer Juniper's place. Love your humor! I'm your 21st cool is that! Earlier this week, I was the 1000th follower to a blog...which prompted TWO emails about it...awesomesauce right?!?!?!?!

  3. @ JJ: mind if I call you JJ? I always wanted a friend I could rightfully call JJ
    @ Aunt Crazy: my nieces call me the cool aunt. Is that crazy or what? You're Aunt Crazy, I'm Aunt Cool. The three of us almost come up to LL Cool J. But "Craz & Cool JJ". Haaa, I should be in marketing to come up with cool shit like that. It just happens... like a man sprouting in his pants at the strip club. Just happens.

  4. WOOO HOOO and I can call myself one of your
    BTW... I will share all my worldly possessions and give anything Ive got, but touch my coffee maker and I will shank a bitch!!
    ......... and I took your new badge. Love you long time.


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