Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'll Be Back!

This has been my life in the past few days. A total __________ (fill in the blank, inspire yourself with the image provided by somebody else).

On the positive: I spent a wonderful day with my sister and my niece.  Which is a rare occasion (not that spending time with them is rarely wonderful, but to SEE them is rare).

On the negative: work has been putting me in the vice and twisting and twisting. 2 races since last Thursday and 2 crashes with one being a total destruction of the car.

AND last night I had 2 creepy visions: as I was inspecting our car before the main feature I saw (is this a correct word? you'll see why I ask) my driver sitting in the seat but dead as a zombie. I had to blink and look again to thankfully see an empty seat. And then if that's not scary enough, I turn around and there is a woman standing behind me. She's pale and white. Just blankly staring at me. I blink my eyes and she's gone.  WHAT THE FUCK CAN THAT MEAN?????

I'll be back tomorrow unless I see more dead people, then I'll be searching for Bruce Willis to heal my freakazoid self. Cheers!

p.s. thanks Christy, I'll get back to you on that one...


  1. My in-laws who think they are better than me were here for the entire week. I had to give up my room for them too. They left this morning and I am in heaven now. Peace!

  2. Holy shit! I hope you've been practicing your zombie avoidance tactics!

  3. Holy batshit Batman!! Ready your zombie annihilation kit, you know.. just in case.

  4. @ Christy: at least the nightmare is over... rejoice and re-claim your territory!
    @ Rachel: those pink boots I have are my secret zombie ass-kicking weapons!
    @ Holly: was it garlic and mirrors? No wait, that's the vampire annihilation kit (damn it, I just realized I missed True Blood last night!)


Unless you are a zombie or a fembot, your comments are totally appreciated! Loved. Desired. And wanted (I added that in case it was not clear)