Monday, July 12, 2010

Apparently I'm Going Places!

Christy game ME an award! Thank you very much, I'll put in on my wall of shame fame. Funny, didn't you have a post about awards? Yes, I'm talking to you Christy! Didn't think I was paying attention now didn't ya? If I could do the immature dance of na-na-na-ne-poo-poo with my tongue sticking out and my thumbs against my temples with the fingers waiving in the air right now, I'd soooo do it to you! Ha ha! Yes, I'm the true symbol of maturity. Very distinguished. Oh and by the way, I love the new look of your blog. I think it's more suiting of your nature. Very shazzzah.  By now you should all think of paying her a visit... Mmmm'kay?

Now I have to give this wonderful award out to 3 people who also deserve it (like getting herps and then having unprotected sex with an ex afterwards, cause he deserved it, I think it's called reverse karma, not sure...)

But after I just got it, it's a tough act to follow dont'cha think? Dont'cha? Dont'cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Dont'chaaa! I've got ADD this morning. And no, I'm not that arrogant. I'm very facetious. I love that word. Facetious. Slides off my tongue like warm maple syrup on my delicious hot thin french crepes. This phrase was almost sexual yet it wasn't.

3 blogs that are going places... See I'm an obvious choice because not only is my blog awesome going places but it's going EVERYWHERE! In ALL directions! All over the place, my blog is a Rover who's all over! (Another fine blog title if I do say so myself, but I'm sticking to the current one).

Oh my god... I'm giddy with excitement! Which blog is going places? I've got too many to pick from, and I don't want to a) annoy people with the task and burden of dealing with yet another award (this is getting out of hand, not that I'm not thankful for the high five Christy gave me, which I am but... really?) and b) hurting the feelings of those I don't list here because even if these awards are losing all their zest and appeal because there is simply too many of them I know I feel a bit sulky when a blog I follow doesn't list me, boo-hoo.... To those not listed in these 3 sorry, but if you are on my page somewhere that does mean I love you in a weird way since I don't even know you!

OK, here's my list:
  1. Holly at Are you Serious because she's so faithful to my blog and I think she deserves it, she works her ass off on twitter and other message boards promoting her shit, AND promoting OPBs (other people's blogs) oh and of course her blog is hilarious!
  2. Jennifer at Jennifer Juniper because she just went through an operation and the day she got home she had to immediately take on the mom and wife role. Give the poor lady a break, and an award! Plus she also is a faithful follower and I love her for that. She's a new blogger and I'm already hooked to her stuff.
  3. R.W. at Scuzzymoney because he's an awesome movie critic (I happen to love the same movies he does so that makes him good at it) AND he hates the same people I hate which I also think you should start hating since there is power in numbers AND he's a man. I'm glad to have a man reading my blog, and commenting on the chick shit I put out there. Also he's an avid reader, reading means you're definitely going places...
So there. And this time I'm not running after the "bestowed" because if you're not following me and reading me then I undo my giving it to you.  You snooze you looze. Haha.


  1. You are very welcome Nikki. You deserve it.

  2. Thank you SO much. I am so behind reading blogs, I hadnt noticed this. I have been relegated to using the dhs bitch laptop or the desk top. I really should catch up ........soon.

    Thank you again......... YOU ROCK and SO deserve this award!


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