Friday, September 3, 2010

Check Things With Me First

We stopped at the Pilot to fill up. It was chilly in the shade by the pump so I stood in the sun. And I watched my shadow on the ground. My sport bra does make me bulge out a lot.

Booby: Look at you the big chested Doodie
Me: Yeah, man, I can't believe how this new sport bra makes me stand out so much. Normally I go all flat with them.
Booby: I like this new bra...
Me: Yeah, it's my Sporty Spice look.
Booby: Funny you should say that, the other day you were doing something goofy and I wanted to tell you to 'calm down there Sporty Spice'
Me: What was I doing?
Booby: I don't remember
Me: Well, that's useless for me then!

INSIDE THE TRUCK STOP (Gotta love the truck stops!)

I spot a hod dog machine with doggies rolling on it. And THIS! It looks like some poor leper's dick got dropped off for us to eat. Eeeewwww!

Me: Didja ever see something like this?
Booby: Oh god, that's gross!
Me: Yeah, imagine pulling your pants down to unveil something like THAT!
Booby: I dare you to take a bite out of it and put it back there... I'll pay you $5 to do it!
Me: Yeah, and watch me puke!
Booby: They could sell it! Cheeseburger links with gravy. Or cheeseburger links with Sporty Spice Gravy! They'd make money off it!

Now you know what my Booby and I talk about in our moments of private intimacy... at the truck stop!


  1. That... or it looks like a dog log. A dog that ate some serious fiber.

  2. I must stop in on one of these truck stops sometime.

    CJ xx

  3. What cecelia said.

    Can I call you sporty spice?


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