Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Thoughts by Miss Nikki

  • I own a flask. But I'm not an alcoholic because THEY go to meetings. I don't. I just own a flask cause it makes me feel like a modern woman.
  • My co-worker calls me Murdog. It's a cool nickname. Makes me feel like I'm in a cool gang of peeps. 
  • I had sex this morning. I'm a happy girl! Sometimes when I have sex I want to go around and tell the world. Actually, I AM telling the world (of 5 readers I have... but in my mind it's the WORLD)
  • When I got divorced from the old fart, his daughter introduced me to a hot Argentinian named Marcello. Roll those r's like you mean it. Aaaahhh. The memories of the hot young blue eyed guy makes me want to have a divorce all over again.
  • My skin is very dry.
  • My vision gets blurry from staring at the computer screen too much.
  • I may be a computeraholic. Wonder if there's a flask and a meeting for that?


  1. Great to know you had sex... my eyes get blurry from staring at boobs on my blog... or sorry staring at my computer too... :-)

  2. If I ever have sex, I will TOTALLY be telling people!

  3. I just wish I felt like having sex. The desire is gone.

  4. you guys are funny... and Christy, I highly recommend getting a lover! It's so very... je ne sais quoi... you know, European women do it all the time! Your much too young still and hot to give up on sex! Much too much...

  5. we are cosmically connected. flasks are VERY cool. and guess who has a very happy hole today? yep - i had sex too!!!


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