Friday, September 3, 2010

A Slow June Day

Yo quiero
Je te veux
Is it good because it's
Or is it forbidden
Because it's (so) good?

Yo quiero
Roll your tongue
Like you roll your r's
All over where
You roll your eyes
Inside of me

You have left
Your scent on me
Like traces of DNA
Yo quiero
I'm hungry
I'm willing
I can still smell you

Undress me
Without touching me
Don't take away
Your eyes
They keep me alive
They keep me warm
Like hot apple pie
On a slow June day

Another Magpie Tale. You know, by reading my stories one could easily think I was quite the sexual person. In all honesty, I don't know where this comes from... Maybe Willow's images evoke a very sensual side of me, a side that is sleeping... Maybe.


  1. Me gusta. By the way, that title, "Cyber House Rules"? Clever...

  2. This was really great! I love coming over to see what you've written each week at Magpie.

  3. that was apple pie...smiles. sensual indeed. nice mag!

  4. oh wow - can't stop thinking of hot apple pie after reading this…great write
    here's my magpie

  5. @ Marilyn: thanks
    @ Ninotaziz: merci!
    @ Berowne: in mexico I once told a server Me Gusto, my husband thought I was telling the waiter I thought he was hot! Thanks, I'm pretty proud of my title!
    @ Catherine: thanks for introducing me to this, can you tell I enjoy it?
    @ Helen: thank you, seriously! (he he he i love the sensuality side of it!)
    @ Brian: when I read YOUR magpie's I think: this guy could teach me a lot about writing...
    @ Claudia: thanks!

  6. ...rrrrrrrr!!! (lots of tongue rolling)

  7. wow,
    left scents on u...
    very touching line...

    apple pie is hot, sweet, and crisp on edges..

    elegant tale.

    My Magpie

  8. Hot, hot, a hot apple pie....could I have mine a la mode please?

  9. Hot and tasty ....caliente y sabroso!
    chaud et délicieux!

    Great Magpie- love it!


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