Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weird Music Wednesday: Erotica Style!

Eroticism. How different is it from porn? Or is it just porn with flair, taste and art?

When this video came out I was working with a group of young leaders. Student empowerment and all that jazz. We had a meeting with 30 young leaders. And we had a low budget operation. I called to book a few hotel rooms. They asked how many hours I wanted the rooms. It was a sleazy hotel annexed to a singles club. I specified I needed the rooms all night but would be having over 10 people sleep in each room. They didn't flinch like if this was a regular request.

That night this video was released. It seemed appropriate we all gather and pile up in one room to watch the video. I was amazed by it. I still love the song and remember some pretty fun nights of debauchery as we danced to this hot sweaty song.




  1. Love this song too. It's no surprised I used to strip to it. :)

  2. Who else but Madonna would go down on a hand puppet in a video?


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