Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Ride to the Airport

My mom drove me to the airport. It was 7 am. Do I look tired?

My mom cusses. And is blind to stop signs. That look in my eyes was fear.
My hand is trying to hide the view.

Now my hand is slammed against the windshield. 
My mom is still not aware the year is 2010.

I'm glad she lives close to the airport. I think next year
my sisters and I will have the sad and unfortunate event where
we'll have her license revoked.  I don't look forward to that event.

I also wished she listened. That was a true and typical conversation.
Remember when I mentioned hair loss?
Maybe it's because I'm yanking it out!



  1. I just made my mom read this one - because I could have written it. I have to medicate myself and not wear my glasses (because I just DON'T want to know) any time I ride with her.

    She showed me that I was number one!

    With both hands!

  2. wow, scary! i hope you make it back ok! great post!

    check out my blog @

  3. My mom is not a good driver unless it's 75 degrees and sunny. Rain? she won't do it. Darkness? She'll stay home. Snow? fuck.. forget it.

    To her credit, at least she knows she doesn't drive well in these scenarios.


  4. oh my goodness.
    Once upon a time, my mom was bringing me brother and me to the airport. On the way, we passed her bf's house (it was on a major road and literally on the way and we just passed it, no stopping)
    She became ENRAGED when she saw that he had rented HER EXACT CAR for his trip, making it look like she spent the night at his place.

    She then proceeded to blow through red lights and stop signs like they didn't exist. The fear is real, people. Moms can scare you shitless!

  5. OMG, "well, you know what I mean!"!!! I've had that conv with my own mother. My sympathies.

    But holy crap, that's totally going to be me some day! And I mean the one in the *driver's seat*.

  6. Sit in the back seat next time.

    Your mom is a hottie.

  7. This is why my mom doesn't drive our kids anywhere. We won't allow her. It's a precursor to the taking-the-license-away milestone we all know awaits us.

    Parenthood. In reverse. Ew.


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