Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And The Winner Is!!!


I'm following Zoe Rights on this one...  Kind of. I don't know about writing a post every single day, but I'll try.  I know, sometimes I write more than once a day, but those aren't always posts-posts. You know, like Roman didn't rape-rape that girl (no, he only drugged her and fucked her up the ass, but ok Whoopi, if you say so).

First of all, the winner to my toys, the winner to my first ever giveaway, and sorry boys, none of you will be fondling my little collection of toys is...  (cue for trumpets and flame throwers) NENETTE AM! Come on down, you're the next contestant to win a box full of my junk fave toys!


I really want to talk about the Marie-Claire article. You know what I'm talking about... Maura Kelly has the entire blogosphere in a tizzy over her fat hatred. Shit, this chick probably only tried to be funny but ended up being a total bitch!  Whatev. I'm not here to explain her, criticize her, applaud her, or bury her alive.  Honestly, I don't care for her, nor for her type. When I say I don't care, I mean just that: I DON'T CARE. She doesn't deserve my time, my emotions and certainly not the passion of my anger.

You should see me angry! I hear I'm a cute little fiery one...

But I'm boggled by this whole fat vs thin theory. And honestly, I struggle with my stance on it. I agree, society treats big people harshly. Too harshly. Assumptions and easy judgments are fast and quick on people who are overweight. But, please. That does not mean society is all sweet and peachy with thin people. I've had big women insult me, scream at me, demean me publicly probably just as often as they've been laughed at, judged or ridiculed.

And honestly it fucking pisses me off. This whole holier than thou attitude is really getting to me. No party is blame free of passing off gas nor insults. Nothing has ever been handed to me with a silver spoon or platter or whatever it is they're using to give away freebies nowadays. I wouldn't know because I've never gotten any.

What I do get though is people walking into me, bumping into me, standing right in front of me when I'm obviously WAITING IN LINE, laughing right at my face telling me I'm too clueless for whatever it is I'm expressing, etc. Ad nauseous (yeah, that's what I wrote).  And whatnot. And I could go on. (...)

Let's just stop the hatred NOW. Don't hate me because I'm pretty-funny-ditsy-thin-but-sometimes-overweight-drunk-giggly-slobby-muti-tasking-do-it-all-goody-two-shoes-freaky-weird-ass-junk-food-eater! (have you breathed any air yet? please do, I hear it's good for you)

Love me because I'll entertain you and possibly just quite possibly help you grow and bloom (you know you want to eat that toast slathered with Nutella and covered in slices of clementine, you know you want it!)

p.s. How have you been misjudged solely based on your appearances? Go ahead, share I have a box full of tissues for you (no, they aren't used tissues)



  1. The whole thing comes down to how we feel about ourselves? Ive been little, Ive been big.. the one thing that never changed was *ME* I took me with me everywhere I went. Now some years later I can honestly say I love me. Sure there are things that arent peachy.. but all in all Im pretty fucking awesome and some blog writer out there WILL NOT change that. Now or ever.

  2. I have been on both ends considering my weight has dramatically fluctuated of the years (i hope i spelled that right) and I can say that it is bad for everyone. When I was think people would say that I was anorexic and when i'm overweight people say i'm a lazy slob.. Neither is true... I think people should be accepted for who there are, whether naturally thin or overweight. great blog post today!

  3. I find that there are physical traits that society deems acceptable to comment on. Such as big boobs. Why is it okay to discuss the size of my chest when I can't mention the size of your thighs.

  4. You know who generally judges me based on my appearance? Chicks, um, lady-folk and old people. Actually i guess pretty much everyone. Once upon a time i had three or four sections in my closet depending on what demographic I was going to be around. But now that I'm all old I refuse to metro-up my look in order for people to expect me to be educated and cultured. I wear dickies and t shirts because they are comfortable and don't climb up my butt like those stupid straight leg jeans I bought at the Gap last month. Those skinny jeans are for suckers man. I've put em on like 10 times and only wore them as far as the front door. Where I then turn around and run off to change and leave me wife snarffing away at how much more vain I am. But the truth is I just want some breathing room for my mancandy. Anyway, what was I saying? oh yeh, so these days I look like a biker who forgot to shave last week. But the truth is I'm the over achiever film nerd and spend most of my time cooking gourmet truffle dishes.

    The sad truth is that we all judge people out the gate. Because it's soo much easier than actually taking the time to get to know them. It just sounds exhausting. And we especially hate it when someone makes us feel insecure, so we lash out, some are more extreme than others. It does seem like our culture is drifting into more and more polar views of external looks though. And it's sad, because who wants to be anorexic or obese? Why can't we just be a writer, or a mom, or a baseball player or a big dopey looking biker who likes to bake cheesecake?

  5. so I just got your comment on my blog. where are you moving? more importantly WHY???? when you move you should write a guest post about the inverted comparison. Or maybe something backing up these outrageous claims of your alleged awesomeness.

  6. @ Holly: awesome comment, i tend to let people control my self image way too easily (now i'm gonna cry) (ok, so i'm not gonna cry)
    @ Amber: people are just harsh in the judgmental behavior, you know the 2nd part of that word is mental right? -thanks for visiting me during your writing marathon...
    @ Catherine: so... what size boobs do you have?
    @ Peter: Johnny Knoxville wears dickies and t-shirts, and he's hot... and if he's baking like oh say a cheesecake then he's even hottier than previously (yeah, i said hottier, cause it's hotter than hotter)

  7. oh and @Peter: we don't know where exactly yet, just driving down I80 all the way to PCH then south, we stop when we find something cool... It's exciting really, we're going on a nowhere with all our belongings inside our pick-up, yippee! As far as the alleged awesomeness goes, I'll start a petition with my fellow racers and post it up here (lol, wouldn't that be funny???) and I'm all for guest posting, we could write the why we left or headed towards on each others blogs...

  8. sounds like fun. Racers? what racers? does this involve some kind of loud and fast motorized something? Cause i'm all for that.

    Jumping in a pick up and driving anywhere sounds freaking amazing. Just PLEASE avoid LA and nearby areas, it's in a handbasket and heading downhill real fast.

  9. I think clowns need to be focused on more with all this hate. Fat clowns, skinny clowns, whatever. And S.C. DMV workers. Yeah, they're evil. And don't even get me started with those damn mimes.

    I personally don't give a shit what size a person is. If they're fun, smart, and nice- I will want to hang with them.

  10. uhm... uh-oh, ok NOBODY tell Laura about the clown thing and we'll all get along real fine. Real... fuckin... fine... ok?


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