Saturday, November 13, 2010

What Would Your 15 Year Old Self Say to the Today You?

Do you remember being 15 years old? Do you remember those dreams and ambitions to change the world and make it (finally) a better place? Do you remember looking at the adults in your life and thinking to yourself how YOU'D never end up like them?

Working in a job they hate. Allowing themselves to remain in an un-happy marriage. Never going on those trips...

What have you become? If time travel machines did exist and your 15 year old self bumped into you today, as you are, as you've aged, would that 15 year old kick you in the butt? Or would that 15 year old high five you floating in happy tears and going on and on about how you've totally surpassed any dreams or hopes?

I find being 15 is an important gateway. You're in the middle between being a kid who cannot do anything (wait until you're older, blah blah blah) and being considered grown-up. In most cases you can't drive a car. You can't vote. You can't really play (act your age!) yet you really start taking shape in terms of personality. You start taking shape in terms of your preferences in life. And your dreams start taking the looks of something more concrete, and you start facing that stage where every decision you make will have total impact on the rest of your life.

At least that's what I was told, how everything will remain on my permanent record.

I'd like to see my permanent record, just to see what has stayed on it.

Personally I like to think my 15 year old self would totally high five my today me. I think my 15 year old me would congratulate me on my choice for a husband (he really is freakin cute and hilarious if you know what I mean). And I think the first thing my 15 year old me would say to the today me is this: "Holy shit, I never thought I could look that good with long hair! Awesome... And thank god you still like wool socks, those rock!"


  1. After the initial disappointment passes, my 15 year old self - being the hopeless optimist that I was - would say, "Well, at least we don't die a virgin after all."

  2. my 15 year old self had long hair, an ear ring and wore black...and would probably dismiss the me of today as a kook...

  3. I would probably kick my own butt. I settled and didn't go to the places I dreamed about and didn't put my foot down when I should have.

  4. My 15 year old me would definitely NOT high five the current me. I'm with Brian. My high school self was a long haired rebel who thought he was a little cooler than he actually was. I think he'd find the present me pretty boring.

    And he also thought the world was going to be his.. so even though I have done pretty darn well for myself, it still may not be "enough" considering the 15 year old me had some pretty big, yet unrealistic dreams.


  5. I think the 15yr old me would be pretty happy how I turned out. Pleased that I am standing up for myself more and being more comfortable in my skin. At 15 I was pretty insecure and pretty needy. I think I am better now.

  6. My 15 year old self would tell the 36 year old self, "Dude you really need to get laid. It is sad that a 15 year old is getting more poon than a 36 year old. Shameful."

  7. I love this post.

    And sadly, I think my 15 year old self would be very disappointed in me. I had big plans, and I doubt my 15 year old self would see the greatness of my life without those plans.

    But then again, I was pretty stupid at 15.

  8. My 15 year old me would high five my recently-turned 32 me and say, "you owe me big time" :)

  9. @ Vinny: hilarious, I'm glad there's optimism in the air!
    @ Brian: I somehow highly doubt that...
    @ Christy: it's never too late to start travelling!
    @ SD: You? Boring? Hahahaha! Yeah right... even with short hair! Doubtful!
    @ Mynx: "At 15 I was pretty insecure and pretty needy. I think I am better now." You finally realized you NEEDED to be less INSECURE?
    @ Oilfield: Will somebody please get this poor guy some more giveaways?
    @ JJ: I remember also being pretty stupid and believing everything I was told... shit, I still believe everything!
    @ Mice: oh there's a story behind that!!!

  10. my 15 yr old self would ask me WTF I thought I was doing!!

  11. My 15 year old self would be disappointed that I didn't pursue the careers that were on my shortlist.

  12. 15 year old me would be terrified of now me. Now me would be embarrassed.
    15 year old me was super sensitive and kinda sweet, he was also happy.
    Now me is jaded and bitter..
    shit, this thought is going to percolate in my head for a while.


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