Friday, December 3, 2010

Miss Nikki's Awesome Picture Show

I'm kind of busy with my life right now. Like this nowhere trip is no longer a nowhere trip, but more of a "what's-my-life-going-to-be-from-now-on" trip...  We're scoping out places to live, jobs I may want to take, and - are you sitting down for this one? Are you? It's a biggie!

We're thinking of living on a BOAT! We're out and about, searching every marina on the coast for live-aboard's. We've got our hearts set on a 40' Hunter. It's a sailboat. It's pretty frickin awesome. And I'm in love.

But in the meantime, I put together this little slideshow for you.

Hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and I have gotten 2 awards recently, so I will be back and give a mention to this, I think I have some rules to follow... But yeah, I'm chillin, enjoying life and when I do go online it's pretty focused on the project believe.


  1. Looks so warm ... and I love the fascination with the toilets!! LOL

  2. Awesome pics! And sorry, but I just HAD to link this:

  3. Nice pictures. Snow and 20's in northwest indiana, wish you were here.

  4. living on a boat would be pretty cool...nice pics...

  5. Great pics. No parking, huh? Who knew pigeons were such rebels?

  6. Great photos! I love that your lives are about to take such an interesting turn. Boat Life!

  7. I used to have a friend that lived on a 30' Hunter. What he would have given for that extra 10'.
    That's pretty darn exciting! good luck!

  8. @ Holly: I know... weird about the toilets hunh? One of them was COVERED with pee, but you can't really see it, I changed the album a bit!
    @ Doc: I'll check the vid out, can't wait!
    @ Nari, Oilfield, George, becca: thanks!
    @ Brian: yeah, the idea is a bit scary though... but exciting
    @ Vinny: I was wondering if ANYBODY was going to catch that one (I think I should give you an award for that one!)
    @ Catherine: we are totally thrilled!
    @ Pat: today (or was it yesterday) we were told "everyday on the ocean your boat shrinks a foot" I couldn't imagine doing it on a 30 footer, 35.5 is our minimum... but thanks!

  9. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing them

  10. good luck on the boat hunting...hope all is well

  11. great background you have here!


  12. If you manage to live on a boat, be rocked to sleep every night and picking up and leaving requires little more than untying and going, you will have my admiration. I couldn't do it, but I wouldn't mind being on the opposite end, a hundred acres in the middle of nowhere with wind energy and water from the ground, basically be able to greet the morning outdoors whilst naked and not alarming the neighbors or going to jail.

  13. You saw a Joshua tree live in person! Were you listening to U2 on that part of your trip? ;-)

    The great American road trip. I would love to be able to do that before I die, AND without making a wrong turn and falling into a trap of a serial killer or cult village.... Living on a boat is an awesome idea. Rooting for you! Have you heard of this couple who live on the historical Yankee Ferry? So cool...

  14. Ooooo a boat, that sounds so exciting! plus: no more gardening, yay!

    Congrats on the awards!


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