Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

The blogworld has united into some really really wonderful stuff. Really wonderful.

First there was Being Peachy and her outreach to help out Trevor who underwent MAJOR heart surgery today.  His favorite color is blue. I'm amazed at how many have actually changed their Facebook profile pic to blue to show support for Trevor. It's simply amazing.

And then there was Claire's story.

And from this story project believe was born. I never in my life realized there could be literally thousands of kids in psych wards. These kids have no family. They're the forgotten ones. Left behind. We get tear-eyed at the thought of a child spending Christmas alone. And it's horribly sad. But what about the 365 days after that? New Years, birthdays, Valentines, Halloween... No trick or treating? No blowing out candles? No ripping off multi colored paper wondering what's inside? How about no hot chocolate after skating at the local rink? Not having anybody teach them how to ride a bike...

I know. Life is hard. But... It doesn't take much to make it easier. Or at least, put a smile on somebody's face.

Project Believe is all about this. Please read Claire's story. You'll be touched in more ways than you can imagine (and no, it's not me groping you, but it doesn't hurt to pretend...)

We've also created a site (still under construction). Become a believer!

Oh and don't forget to go blue too!



  1. Makes one proud to be a blogger. Proud and humbled at the same time.. doesn't it?

  2. makes me glad i joined the blog world

  3. I wish everybody could be as willing to stand together for a cause as bloggers are.

  4. Currently, the blog world gives me more hope than the real one.

  5. I agree with Nari! We're all a LOT nicer than people in the real world!

    Miss Nikki (scuffs toe of sneaker in the dirt) you won a prize at glitter frog!

  6. um, how did i miss this?! besides the fact i've been a little preoccupied? you are THE BEST and have given me even more reason to believe! big loves to you miss nikki!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!


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