Monday, December 13, 2010

Reality VS Fantasy

It looks miserable out there in the real world what with all that snow.

Here in Southern California it's a fantasy world, I feel as if winter has been put on hold. I won't tell you the temp, it may result in throwing you into either a suicidal mood or have you throw everything in the (snow gushing) wind and jump on a jet...

Although I'm thrilled and excited over the boat prospect (now just basically waiting on the title transfer), hanging in the void of uncertainty regarding my future is starting to get to me. Starting to... thankfully I'm in this fantasy world of make-believe and it does help.



  1. I was very jealous watching the golf in California yesterday as I peered at the blizzard going on outside my window.

  2. My brother lives in Carlsbad, CA so I get to hear about the nice weather from him.

    Here in Minnesota? Currently 4 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit of course) and a fresh new 18" of snow.

    And I live here why? Oh yeah thats right, for the wonderfully high taxes.


  3. I live in the Midwest not for comfort but for seasonal reminders of change - birth, life, old age and death. I can't imagine life without winter or the madness of being shut in a few months of every year.

  4. It feels like summer, but it is supposed to rain for most of the week. That will be our winter!
    I can see the snow from here in the mountains, that is about as close as I want it...

  5. The weather's like that all the time here. Not showing off. I actually don't like the heat.

  6. I live in Las Vegas and I grew up in Southern Florida, Hawaii and Southern Arizona so I have no idea what the real world's winter weather is like. Although I have a pretty good clue as to what the real world's summer weather is like.

    But southern California is a fantasy land all year round. And good weather is a great stress reliever.


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