Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can Being A Little OCD Be A Good Thing?

Thanks AbsolutelyPrimed!

Is it even possible to be just a little OCD? Doesn't being obsessive compulsive about anything kinda goes totally against anything that could be quote-unquote little?

AbsolutelyPrimed gave me this gaga cool award. Thanks APrimed! And of course there are rules...

Rule #1 - Pimp out the giver.

Who does a pimp pimp out? His bitches right? And what is the definition of a bitch? (Stay with me here, I'm going somewhere with this...).

Thanks Merriam. Very good definition. Female dog. I'll stick with that. Absolutely Primed eats milkbones. Those are dog biscuits. DOG biscuits. So because she eats dog food I get to call her my bitch. So I get to pimp her out. You don't believe me? Read her blog, you'll see!

I'll even slap in another link here for you!  Thanks a lot, I needed another award. I always need them to be honest... And this one had perfect timing. And now back to the rules...

Rule #2 Give this award to other bloggers and just like if it were a STD you gotta let them know they have it. (or something like that, you know how I love to ad-lib) I must admit I always hate this part. Not that I don't like to give what I receive (I know you all want my STD's) but I always struggle with choosing WHO to give it to. This time I'll try to pick bloggers to whom I've never given any (STDs):
  1. Oilfield Trash from Make Daddy a Sammich.
  2. Minute Man's Wife
  3. Patty Punker
  4. Peter from Triton Cove
Rule #3 Share 7 things about you people do not know... Unless you're my BFF (Best Facebook Friend) you will NOT know that:

On February 21st I will be attending Roller Derby Boot Camp. Whoa a minute here... I need to repeat that: roller ... derby ... boot ... camp ... holy crap! What am I insane? And is it just me or should it be called the "roller derby SKATE camp"??? Please don't let these chicks break any of my bones! 

You all know about my rubber duckie poofer thing because of this story but what you may not know is the fact that I still have this thing may scientifically prove I have a certain level of OCD. I bought this little guy during my first marriage (which ended in 2003). I know it's not 2011. And NO that poofer is NOT 8 years old, that would totally go against my OCD tendencies. I love my little duckie so much that I bought a roll of string so I can replace the poofer when it needs to be replaced. And every time I move and make sure to pack the duckie and the roll of string. And yes, the roll of string is here on my boat! Look at him! Isn't he the best thing you've ever seen???

I like to draw fairies. I also love to draw fishies and life underwater as I picture it in my brain. But I have a whole series of fairies. I like to believe in magic and that by drawing these little creatures cool things will happen to me. I know. Sick. But true. Word.

I made 2 quilts. They're actually quilts that are sewn onto throw blankets. But I made them and gave them away. The first one I gave to my (ex) boss's mom because she was wonderful. The second one I gave to my (ex) driver's wife. I wanted she and I to become great friends. We kinda did, but that totally went down the toilet at the end of the racing season when she got drunk and started saying stuff to Booby. Stuff that a wife cannot forget or forgive. I no longer own a sewing machine. But my mom was so proud of me when I told her about the first quilt. She sent pictures of it to all her friends.

My legs wont tan. At all. And I'm so self-conscious of those WHITEY MCWHITE legs that I spray them. Not as much as that Snookie chick on Jersey Shore (a show I've never watched btw) but just enough to not be laughed at in public. Which happened. A lot. Remember this story? It was a huge issue for me. And I hate being laughed at. Big time. I only spray the legs though. The rest of me tans fine. Thanks for your concern!

Ever since moving on a boat, all we get for TV service is via a trusty little own antenny. That's it. Nothing else. No cable. No satellite. Nothing. I miss some of my favorite shows that run strictly on the cool cable channels like Breaking Bad, Californication, True Blood, Dexter, etc. I know, most of those shows aren't running right now. But still. I know that when their season starts I'll be sitting there with my little TV and it's bunny ears watching reruns of The Office and When I Met Your Mother... Didja know there is a channel dedicated to old Olympics? And they mainly run Winter Games? Like the Biathlon and stuff like that. Weird.

I've contested every single traffic and parking violation I've ever got. Every single one of them. I've also won every single won of my cases. Except for one. One parking ticket that the judge (I think he was on to me, since I always asked for a French court and he was the only judge in town) gave me a 50% discount from the last time I got fined and contested. It's much easier than you think. And it's actually a lot of fun. Of course, that is IF your work allows you to skip out for court appearances.

Wow. Seven things. A lot harder than you'd think to come up with! A lot harder...



  1. Great post. Congrats on the award. Thanks for giving it to me as well. I guess I need to go take my valtrex since I got it four times. lol

    Loved your answers as well.

  2. Oh wow! Information overload!! Seriously it's scary how much we have in common!! My first marriage ended right around the same time yours did, I draw fairies in my manual journal all the time!! And I made a quilt once and it too involved a throw blanket!! Are we sisters? And wait a minute... did you just give me an AWARD???? Official Disclaimer: I'm new here.

  3. wooot! i swear i douched after the last time i visited here. how the hell did i get an STD?

    well if you're going to give me an STD, the least you could do is give me that rubber duck with the goggles. i collect rubber ducks, ya know. (shit i was going to use that little factoid as one of 7 things you don't know about me.)

    no seriously this is the most welcome STD i've ever received. thanks for the props sugar pops!

    ps: i don't tan anywhere. i use neutrogena self-tanner. it's not perfect, but it sure as hell isn't house speaker orange.

  4. i got to eat more dog biscuits...if i am ever going to get cool on the roller derby, that is awesome...

  5. I take it that that's your fairy drawing. She's adorable. So is your quilt. And I covet your rubber duckie poofer thingie.

  6. What will your roller derby girl name be? We have roller derby here and it's actually kind of popular - they draw a fair amount of people. And they all have those funny mean-sounding names.

    Or their parents hated them. Which sort of predetermined their roller derby future I guess.


  7. Better start spraying before roller derby.'

    Otherwise the roller derby name might end up being IVORY GAMS.

  8. congrats on your award and loved learning more about you

  9. Before you hit roller derby boot camp, spray the legs, hide the rubber ducky poofer, create some more fairies with extra fairy dust and channel your ticket fighting powers to pinpoint accuracy.

    I love your blog and I don't want it to end up on standby while you're in traction. I'm selfish that way. Be careful and show those bitches whose boss.

  10. I.Love. That. Rubber. Ducky.

    Great post! And congratulations on the award!

  11. Awesome post...I seriously cannot WAIT to hear about roller derby boot camp!

    (I actually wrote "Rubber Ducky Boot Camp" first...I'm zonked today)


  12. Congrats! And a giant HELL YES to the roller derby - can't wait to hear stories about that adventure. Oh yea, and Judge Judy FTW.

  13. I can't wait to hear your roller derby stories! So cool!

  14. Wow...I've never been another chicks bitch's kind of sexy!

  15. Well holy shit. Ya know the wife is jot gonna be happy that we both need penicillin shots because of me AGAIN. Although to be fair the last two times were her fault. At least this time u told us so we don't have to call through our little black book.

    Anyway thanks for the award! I'll have to go write something about since I lost all my posts when my fucking laptop blew up for the second time in four months and lost everything that made my life worth living.

    I'm still around I promise. I just have to write this crap on my phone. Why does my predictive text keep trying to use racial slurs? Wtf HTC


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