Saturday, January 29, 2011

Half-Assed Weekender Edition

I can't write this post without shouting out to the Simple Dude. This is, after all, a Simple Dude idea to write a half-assed post on the the weekends... And he did call me Queen of the the half-assed's. I'll take THAT as a compliment!

Recently Booby and I went back to the race shop. We really had to since when we left in November we were simply off on a nowhere trip. All we took was 2 week's worth of stuff. But never went back. "Had a wife and kids in Baltimore Jack, went out for a ride but I never went back" Thanks Bruce, those really are words to live by. Especially when the wife goes with you, and there aren't any kids being left behind.

A really really cool thing was waiting for us in the mail: a GIFT CARD! Racing had it's benefits. All the hotels giving us a shitload of free nights via the points programs and fans with money. Hmm. Fans with money to spare. Fans who love their racers. Fans who want to share their money to spare with their favorite racers. And a female mechanic does kinda stick out so I got to be favored by some of these fans. Yessssss!

One in particular got a hold of our address (maybe when I gave it to him because he asked where could he send us the occasional little token of appreciation). And sends us restaurant gift cards. Yessssssss!

Last week Booby and I headed out on our "date" to the Red Lobster, gift card in hand. The waitress greeted us by asking if there was a special occasion. Booby and I both giggled. It's a fuckin Red Lobster! One step above Long John Silvers! Ok, maybe a few steps above with a pricey menu... But still, Red Lobster?

He told her it was our anniversary. Haha, I guess it's always an anniversary of "something" right? Exactly one year ago today it was: one year ago today! Yippee, let's celebrate! All night we kept wishing each other happy anniversary clinking our free wine glasses.

Thanks super fan, and yes I will forward you my new address!

I wonder if roller derby girls have super fans? (*fingers crossed behind back*)



  1. Where you dressed appropraitely? I'm willing to bet if your date didn't have a half exposed beer belly peeking out from a badly stained white Hanes undershirt or you made the mistake of wearing pants without the ass ripped out they easily mistook you for being dressed up and therefore assumed you were celebrating. Just a hunch...

  2. Taking off to a new place for an indefinite period of time sounds real good right now...too bad I do have a kid still in high school and a sick cat that needs me...

  3. big smiles...any reason to celebrate...and how cool of them...

  4. Don't be no Red Lobster hater! The Cheddar Biscuits and Strawberry Daiquiris are awesome.

  5. Shit baby, ima take you out fer steak... and cheese sammiches from subways. I done nearly got all my sub club stamps an' e'erythin'.

    Whatchoo mean you don't like subways? Dint'you have a good time when we wents there on yer birthday?

    Bitch, put yo' fuckin' boots on an' let's go. Damn anniversary don't come 'round but once a year. Shit. I'll go without you, I don't care. Ima git my ham and cheese tonight whether you comin' or not.

    Well? You comin' or ain't ya?

  6. i'm with Pat the cheddar biscuits at red lobster yummy

  7. One step above Long John Silvers. LMAO

    Long John Silvers has all you can eat fish planks, that place aint cheap.

  8. Hell yes roller derby chicks have fans - some of them die-hard! Expect to be showered in praise at every event.

  9. Yeah, one step above, but Long John Silvers doesn't allow me to get sloshed on their Mai Tais, and they also don't allow me to make a special necklace using my used lobster shell as a pendant!

  10. Derby girls definitely have fans. But you're going to have to be nasty. Beat up the other girls. The crowd will love you for it.

    P.S. I'm finally reading Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Thankfully, I'd gotten through most of the boring crap in the beginning the first time I tried to read it, so I skipped that this time around. I love the parts with Lisbeth. Everything else, not so much.

  11. a) yes you have such a tiny ass you are indeed the queen of half ass, but not because you don't follow through, your ass always follows through. b) I need fans that send me gift cards or share money, I live in the south, this is race car heaven, if you come across one that can do drywall or paint please forward them to me. c) I really really really fucking want long john silvers now and I think the closest one is like 2 counties away. Thanks a lot.

  12. M'kay, how much would it suck if you got a dinner gift card, ate your meal then found out there was no money on the card! Hmmm... now there's an idea for my co-workers Christmas gifts next year.

  13. @ Minute: According to your description we were dressed totally appropriately. That explains why they ALWAYS ask us that when we go to that restaurant! (slaps palm to forehead)
    @ Jen: the sick cat can go to the Humane Society... oh and what the heck so can the teen! hee hee hee
    @ Brian: yes, very cool of them! Indeed!
    @ Pat: mmmmmm LOVE the biscuits! They HAD this meal called Lobster Chops. It was to die for. When they removed it from the menu I kept emailing them over and over asking to bring it back. I even created a ton of hotmail accounts so it looked like the emails came from different people. I'm sick...
    @ Kev: Yeeehaaaaw! Let me get mer teef first!
    @ Oilfield: ALL YOU CAN EAT? Gobble gobble gobble!
    @ Dr: I like being showered in praise...
    @ Meatbag: Mmmmm ever had a true blue mai tai in Hawaii? You'll need a camera to take pictures so you'll know what you did the next day. Trust me.
    @ Rachel: I just got done with the Hunger Games! A page turner... The 2nd book with Lisbeth was my FAVORITE, I'd skip out on the 3rd though...
    @ Peachy: for a white chick i have a scrumphalicious ass i must say! hee hee
    @ Laura: My husband always wants to do that, I think it was a George Costanza thing, oh no wait he made fake donations to a fake society. What a shmuck! Wish I'd thought of it first though! Stupid coworkers, let them get their own empty giftcards!

  14. i heard roller derby chicks get 100% beef tacos at the taco bell.

  15. If this is what passes for "half-assed" around here I may have to start surfing the web on weekends again. Happy Anniversary of This Day Last Year! Woohoo!


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