Friday, January 14, 2011

New Address - New Award!

Yayyyyy! (As I write this, I am picturing myself as one of the Sesame Street puppets that jumps up and down while madly flailing his arms in the air, not sure if it was Ernie or not...)

Have you noticed I've moved? Look around, see anything different? My url is now directed straight out to  no more dot blogspot, or that old noreallyitsnotme silly stuff. I really think there's way to many blogs out there, when you try to get your blogspot url everything is already taken. Hence that goofy name I had... *sigh*

So! What's this post about really?

I have the joy of reading some of your comments that are just so funny, I think I need to tell the world about it! Some of you guys... deserve an award for that goofiness, and since your work place is most likely not going to compensate you for it, and your families are probably not appreciating your shifty style of commenting, I figure who better than ME to yell it on the roof tops, or blab about it here at my cyber house...

This "I count on you to make me laugh award" goes out to those who've made me laugh via their comments:

  1. Holly, you were the original one, the first to technically discover and stick with me, and the first to actually say such great stuff I'd have to go back and edit my posts to include your wit.
  2. Nari, you're always there, with some great stuff and my life would lose all it's sunshine if you stopped commenting...
  3. ThePeachy1 I will hold up to my promise of pimping you out, but til then, these awards I'm giving you will have to do the trick!
  4. Vinny, I don't know what part of the world you're living in, but you still manage to rock mine!
  5. Kevin, although I think you've left me a comment only once, it was indeed worthy of an award! Whoo boy, yeah it was THAT good!
  6. Doctor Cynicism, it's been a while, but yet I still remember and crave and wish you'd come back again and again, your wit is bewildering!
That's it for now. Now a lot of you leave me regular comments, not that I don't appreciate them as much, actually I do, I really do, but these guys above here? Insanely funny shit man!

What are the rules? They are more flexible than my legs, trust me. If you accept the award, please thank me (the person who gave it to); please re-gift it and offer it to those who make you laugh on your blog and answer this simple question: do your witty answers pop instantly in your head when you read the post with an immediate urge to hit the comment button or do you have to sit and ponder?

The one thing I hate about offering awards is leaving out others who may deserve it, so this award has a never ending shelf life. I get to pull it out every time I get a piss in my pants comment, ditto goes out to the people I've given this award to, you get to give it out again and again (like herpes, only better because it's from me.)



  1. LOVE the new place and what youve done with it. And thank you for the award. You and I were among each other's first.. blog first that is! ;)

  2. Dang! I'm so doped up on cold meds right now so I'm not even sure where I am right now either. Judging from the heat, somewhere in the tropics, I think.

    Thanks. I'll continue to be the goof that entertains & amuses you.

  3. Oo, swanky new digs, m'dear! Love it! And congrats on the award. xo

  4. Congrats on the Count award. I'll be checking out some of those other links, since we tend to like the same cool kids.
    Happy Friday and weekend, Nikki.

  5. Those are some great people to give an award to.

  6. How cute is that award???

    (Note to self: BE FUNNIER!)


  7. hey that guy taught me how to count...

  8. Congrats on the Count award! You're hilarious,, looking forward to your next post.

  9. Getting your own .com is wonderful. I know I love mine. You have made a big step. And I love the layout.

  10. Hey thanks lady!

    I wrote a blurb in my Updates about the award and linked to your page a few times :)

    It's easy to come up with a funny comment wen the post is damn hilarious.

  11. Congrats to those awarded, I'll be sure to check them out! Hell yes, they may have lower commenting award standards....

  12. When all those freaks were screaming Team Edward, Team Jacob, I was all like TEAM COUNT! My first crush bawahahah, that's 1 , 1 crush bawahaha, I just hope he is dry cleanable because I fully intend to do it like the Eagles and take it, to the limit, one more time.

  13. Thanks for thinking of me!! And congrats on the new design; it looks awesome! My apologies for not having commented as frequently as usual, I've been away from the blogosphere in general lately. Trying to find places to bury all the students I've... erm, um, I mean I've been suuuuper busy with work lately, students haven't been pissing me off at all... nope, not at all.

  14. Thanks for the award! I rarely go online on weekends so I didn't actually get to read through this until today. I will get cracking on my obligations as an award recipient shortly.


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