Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So, I've Been Thinking...

This is how I started yesterday. Then he froze. Stopped what he was doing, swallowed and replied: "Uh oh, I don't know if I like the sound of that."

Of course he's been witnessing me with puffy eyes and leaving a trail of used up tissues behind me. So the opening line can be scary. Have I ever mentioned he told me recently he has nightmares where I tell him I'm leaving? Kind of like Peeta in The Hunger Games, only we're not hungry nor in total survival mode. (Great book by the way, thanks Rachel!)

Of course I start crying again. But I'm trying to concentrate on the dishes I'm washing. I find it very soothing to soak my hands in hot bubbly water. And that's when I tell him "Of course if you want to go to Mexico, I'll go with you!" And cry some more (again with the conjunction as a sentence starter, if Stephen King can do it, so can I - thanks MinuteMan's Wife). Then he looks at me all weird.

Evidently he's even more of a mess than I am because he had come to the conclusion that going to Mexico now would most likely be a mistake. For a lot of reasons, not just because of me. And then he tells me he'd never go without me anyways!

I know. I wanted to strangle him too for what he'd put me through. But to be honest he wasn't as aware as everybody who's read yesterday's post of the turmoil I was going through.

But anyways. All this to say, I've been thinking and I realized I have THE BEST blog friends any whacked out lady could EVER hope for! You guys are the best. You really are.

I've been working on a post for the Studio 30+ Magazine that is due to be published this coming Friday.  After 3 attempts, I think I've got it. It's pretty much a tribute to you - the readers. Or my friends. My friends. I like the sound of that.

I'm smiling now. I know I have a few kinks to iron out, but still the smile is strong.




  1. Totally awesome that things worked out in the end! I'm glad for ya.

  2. I am so glad that things worked out for you. It is nice to know that you love each other enough to each make the effort to be together. No matter what, we are here for you! :)


  3. I am just going to get a typo ot of theway right off the bat.

    Whoo Hoo! Most times I find the fear of something worse than the actual event.


  4. Hooray! That is wonderful news.

  5. I didn't get to read a number of the blogs I follow yesterday, so I missed the turmoil, and I'm sorry that you went through it, but...


  6. awwww,that's love. all around, i'm feeling the love.

    so happy things worked out for you, pookie.

  7. Reading this gave me a smile. I just love it when things work out.

    Cheers to you Miss Nikki!

  8. congratulations. even though it's shitty going through the stress of a huge decision, it almost makes you appreciate the final outcome that much more.


    i'm just happy it worked out for you.

  9. Glad you worked it out. I must admit though, that i prefer to soak my whole body in hot bubbly water when I am feling stressed. Or consume large quantities of cold bubbly alcohol..

  10. i feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy right now...i am glad that it all worked out...

  11. Hey Darling Nikki,
    I tagged you on my blog. Now you have work to do today! XOXO

  12. happy that things worked out for you..hugs

  13. I am glad things are looking up for you. I told you talking would help.

  14. Yay!!!! I love a happy ending. :}...this is me, smiling back.

  15. I'm very happy for you! You must be feeling a huge sense of relief...


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