Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Either Delirious From Cold Meds, Or In Early Stages of Alzeimer's, or Maybe I'm Just Begging for Attention
I'm hoping you're not thinking "All of the above". Wait, I'm hoping I'm not thinking all of the above. Of course you all know I'm still as unemployed as the rock from which I just crawled under. But I am involved with the San Diego IndieFest, as a volunteer. My volunteer title is 'Queen of something' as you see, I don't care much for titles, I know I'm a queen and it's all that matters. That and the festival is tomorrow. And today is setup day.

Setup days are always one of my favorites in festivals. It's exciting. Everything is being delivered. You get to watch the stages rise up, and the light bridges over them. It's exhilarating. All this is happening right now as I'm clicking away on my keyboard backing up every 3 character to correct a weird typo (I actually wrote homping 3 times before I got it right, shut-up Freud). I am being rocked away in my boat in the backlashes of the Japanese tsunami.

I watched images of these ferocious waves on TV and then went online to see more of them.


I'm currently too delusional to be fun and fearless. It's so bad in my head I actually googled "early signs of Alzheimer's" and checked off all 10 signs. Checked them off in a negative "yup, that's me" way. My delusions almost cost us a sponsorship I managed to finagle at the last minute from a local restaurant giving us $1,000 in meals for the artists.

And it (silly delusion) totally botched up my recent sale on eBay. Thank god for the option to cancel a sale after it's been paid. Sigh, bye-bye easy $300!

Going back to bed now, good night and please tell Mother Earth to calm the fuck down!



  1. Someone told me today is the first day of the final phase of the mayan calendar, and 'major shifts' will happen.

    Oh, and he posted it 2 days ago. He's gloating today...

  2. When the news said that the West Coast was going to get some waves, I immediately thought of you.

    Have a good nights rest.

  3. glad you stayed feet dry...get some rest...

  4. Medicine head can be fun....for a bit. Then that shit gets old and you just want to feel normal again. Hope you feel better and have fun with the festival!!!

  5. feel better soon and glad you are ok

  6. LostinIdaho is scaring me!! Is there room under that rock under which you have crawled for one more??

  7. Enjoy, kitten.

    I will instruct Mother Nature accordingly.

    - b x

  8. I'm working my way through everyone's blogs and catching up, so I'm a bit behind here but I hope you had a brilliant time, love.~

    And in case you have Alzeimer's I'll make sure to repeat these sentiments later. ;-)

  9. Mother nature has been a bit bitchy lately...
    I also thought about you and the boat this week.

  10. @ Lost: yeah... not sure I'd be gloating about the worst natural catastrophe ever (since whatever it was that killed all the dynosaurs, of course)
    @ OT: thanks for thinking of me!
    @ Brian: feet are dry! gulps, for now!
    @ Heather: The festival was AWESOME!
    @ becca: thanks! :o)
    @ Minute Man's: I hear ya! I have plenty of denial-juice in my bottle, I can always send you some!
    @ Barren: thanks sweetie, purrrr!
    @ Kat: I hear y'a on the working your way through blogs, how do people find the time???
    @ Pat: Somebody needs to slap some sense in that bitch's face!


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