Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Roller Derby: A Vlog!

Man do I EVER talk fast. I'm still trying to figure out the whole iMovie editing and stuff. So bare with me as I learn. But in the meantime, please do watch this short little vid I made just for you! And this also confirms I am getting old. Times are sad man, times are sad...



  1. The energy! The pro-wrestler "I'm gonna take you down!!!" attitude! Oh yeah! You are so ready for this.

  2. woot!!!!!! there are no ma'ams in roller derby. fuck that. you're bad ass and so is that tshirt you're wearing.

  3. OMG I love you. also just so you know. when you body check the bitch that called you mama, it will carry a new meaning for her as she digs her fishnets out of her wound, just saying, a little respect for my baby nikki the new derby queen !!!! woot!
    ( my husband told me tonight to change my profile picture because I looked like an old lady, which caused him to eat at waffle house and he will be wearing dirty clothes for a week and sleeping in his car. only because I can't body check him and he doesn't wear fishnets, freaking loser)

  4. you rock...and where did you get all that energy? smiles.

  5. You did a very good job on your vlog.

    Your description of the roller derby was awesome.

  6. Hey old lady... The youngster goes over the outside rail next practice. Show no mercy. That little shit will be your prison bitch.

  7. There are times when violence is totally TOTALLY understandable.

    Ma'am my ass. You look hot in that t-shirt, kiddo.

    And I'm certain you were rocking those skates.


    - B x

  8. I remember the first ma'am day well.

    The day my soul died and I shed a tear.

    Then I killed the motherfucker.

  9. omg, you are awesome, and funny. And I totally love the mask

  10. Oh God, I hate that "ma'am" shit. It makes me want to stab them in their face.

  11. Wow, seriously? I need to know exactly how much coffee intake that amount of energy requires!!

    You made me laugh - congratulations!

    BTW only old people use the word Ma'am!! She's the old bag - not you!!

  12. @ Vinny: well, last night the coach grabbed me and congratulated me on my "badass attitude" then immediately told me it was a good thing... :)
    @ patty: I can thank my sister for that shirt, she was tired of it, it's so old and wore the fuck out!
    @ Tere: Wild Thing! Can you hear that song???
    @ Pitts: And I owe it all to YOU for introducing me to this wonderful world...
    @ Brian: That energy? Oh that ol thing? Been a part of me since forever! hee-hee
    @ OT: Thanks, I can't wait to have REAL roller derby stories (oh and bruise pictures to prove them too)
    @ .end: hahaha! thanks! I'm high fiving you right now hoping it's not totally outdated too!
    @ Barren: When in doubt the violence is the answer?
    @ Vapid: I can see you going all cujo with your cute toes in your flip-flops and stopping to fix your hair, kinda like Kill Bill but sweeter
    @ Dazee: awww thank you so much, can you tell I'm getting the courage to apply for a comedic actor role at Seaworld?
    @ Minute Man's: that my dear is my energy with our without caffeine and any other additives. And sometimes I wonder why I'm tired!

  13. You wore me out just watching the Vlog! The only reason she called you ma'am was because she was jealous.

    It's roller derby! How could you possibly go too fast?

    Nope, thatw as jealousy rearing it's ugly head.

  14. I'm dying here I'm laughing so hard! I loved this! Your enthusiasm is so awesome, Nikki my love.~

    Ma'am? MA'AM?? What the fuck is that? "Ma'am"s are not smoking hot and kickass like you are! That person was obviously fucking mental.

  15. Fuck the "Ma'am" stuff. You blew their doors off. You skated rings around them. Tell'em to kiss your old lady ass... they won't be able to catch you!

    And thanks for clearing up that "multipede" question.

  16. @ nari: Nariiiiiiiiii! Have I EVER missed you! I need to run to your blog and catch up, will you ever forgive me???
    @ Kat: Hahaha, she's like I dunno, 18? To me (being that I'm like an old Ma'am) I see her as a 16 yr old! A kid. Yeah, so that kinda balances her seeing me as an old lady! *ouch*
    @ bluz: haha, you're welcome on the multipede thing, I'm surprise I even noticed I'd said that!

  17. All is forgiven...although I have no idea what you wrong. I'm just happy to be seeing more blog posts and another Vlog as well!!

  18. AWESOME and funny! The mask is great also!

  19. I love your VLOGS ... makes me want to do one!

  20. LMAO! You're still my young, hot darling Nikki!


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