Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fly Away
Stupid fly. Smashing itself over and over again against the window. I love staring at it. Obsessed by its obsession. The sound is hypnotizing zzzz-thwap-zzzzzzz-thwap-zzzzzzzzzzzzzz-thwap-thwap-thwap!

I open the window to let it out, but it doesn't go out. Instead it follows the window pane as I pop it open. This is a game. The fly wants me to believe it wants out but it doesn't. No the fly loves smashing its head over and over into the shiny window - freedom just a lick away. It wants to stay with me. It wants my company and knows the sound has some soothing feeling. Providing me with such desired company blocking out this void. It just sticks to the window. Maybe it will find the magical hole, a magical passageway leading it to the other side...

I gently try to guide it to the opening. But it shies away. It. I've been observing and obsessing over this fly for over 15 minutes now. Tried to rescue it. Give it freedom. I've developed a relationship with this fly. I feel I can no longer call the fly "it".

Betsy. I decide the fly is female and her name is Betsy. Like a cow, only the fly that usually hangs out by it ("it" now refers to the unknown cow) in the sunshine hoping to pick up scraps of food off its hot leathery skin.

Betsy - hello there and welcome to my home.

Do you have a family Betsy? Where are you from? Have you been with us since our visit to the Coronados Islands? Is that why you want to stay with us? You want a ride home?

I always wonder if flies have families. As a kid when we left for a long road trip to visit our relatives I fantasized about this. While most kids fantasized about Disneyland or a racecar shaped bed, I fantasized about insects and their lives... They entered our car and hours later they flew back out. Lost. Needing to find their way back home to their waiting loved ones.

As I am now sitting here waiting for my loved one to come back home.

p.s. I've labeled this a Magpie, only it isn't. A Magpie that is. I miss the writing prompts where I dive into fiction just for the love of writing. But this piece isn't really fiction. Or is it?



  1. 10 bucks says your vehicle doesn't have AC and you've fried your last brain cell in the early summer heat...

    Or, my second guess is: You're so totally consumed by loneliness you've started adopting flies.

    Either way, I'm super concerned for you!

    LOL! But SOO SOO SOOOOO glad to see you back here! Yay!

  2. you really dont want to know about fly reproduction....

    according to my boys...upon seeing a snake this morning...informed me that they get married at night...and lick each other...

    i know, unrelated but...

  3. should i be concerned about you that your naming flies now but have to say the picture is way cute....hugs

    Everyday Life

  4. I hate flies. I really, really hate flies. If I open the doors or windows to the office these massive fat ones get in and buzz past my head or RUN INTO ME and I freak out. Flies are so nasty...

  5. I don't think a fly has a speck of thought or feelings about anything. They live for what, about 8 days?
    Nice to see your post! Hope you are doing well...

  6. You missed your calling,darling Nikki. You should have been an entomologist. Or created The Far Side.

    And yes, the only reason that I actually know what an entomologist is, is because of Mr. Gary Larson.


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