Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Fine Line Between WANT and NEED

I need to eat, but I want a ribeye steak. Or... is it that I NEED a ribeye steak so much that I now WANT to eat?

See the dilemma I face daily?

I need to exercise, yet I want to remain lazy. I need to get around town, so I want a Mini Cooper. Yum. A Mini Cooper. I need it so much, I want us to have a 2nd car!

Need VS Want. The never-ending battle. And the delusion I can easily create to convince myself the silly wanting is simply there because a need, well - needs fulfillment. Back to the need for exercise. It's healthy right? My heart and health depends on regular exercise. So in comes roller derby and scuba diving.

Both wonderful activities. Both requiring gear. Expensive gear. Updated gear.

The better the gear the better the experience? Most of my scuba gear was purchased used or at extreme store discounts. Other than my mask (thank you myopia and dang what's that other word for sight troubles? Uhm, seeing double caused by a weirdly shaped eyeball? See what I was saying yesterday about forgetting words???) What was I saying? Oh yeah, other than my overly priced prescription mask my diving gear was reasonably priced. Ditto on the derby gear. I bought the cheapest skates, spoiled myself with a wheel upgrade so I could skate both indoors and outdoors without having to change them.

I need to exercise so...
  • I WANT a new dive computer that gives me water temperatures, digital safety stop info and of course a backlight so I can read it in the dark (I don't do night diving, but this last part seemed important)
  • I WANT all leather skates so they can... (do what exactly that my current skates don't do?) nevertheless, I want better skates!
  • I WANT new wheels on my bike (which I hardly ever ride at all because I've got myself convinced if I had less rugged threads I'd use it more on the roads)
  • I WANT a fancy belt to hold small water bottles so when I skate outdoors and run (haha, ok I only go running about once a month) I don't need to carry a water bottle, thus making the experience more enjoyable, I need to stay hydrated right?
Need. Want. Want. Need. I want to need less. I need to want less. But then again... Dive computer. Cool fancy big bold wristwatch. Mmmm. Digital digits. Buttons. Controls. USB connection. I want more. More is more.

I know I won't buy one. I think. Yet, I'm constantly checking out online deals. Please, I beg you: feel free to check up on me to make sure I stay in check!



  1. i hope you get all of your wants and needs fulfilled because i think your pursuits are THE coolest!

    ps: and now i too want a ribeye. cowboy size with a baked potato and an onion ring! maybe some sauteed spinach to make believe i'm eating healthy.

  2. i hope all your wants are fulfilled as are your needs. as for me well now i want that steak you talked about but do i need it well yes maybe i

  3. I couldn't get passed the rib-eye steak. I haven't had a good steak in about a year. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Oh yeah! Someday.

  4. The problem is that the more we have the more we need to make those things copacetic to our environment. At the end of the day I only need something to write on, write with, my woman in my bed and my son happy. I do not even require life as I have it in heaps through my wife and son.

  5. nothing wrong with a little wants and needs...just prioritize them...cant have the world you know...

  6. The good ol' need v want. I need to sleep but I want to watch ridiculous TV. hehe. There is very little that I actually need in life but I sure want plenty.

    Don't forget to head over to the new blog at wordpress...the old ones here JewelsTurning30 is gone. You can find me here now...


  7. The difference between wants and needs has always been subjective. Like you, when I need something, I want the best quality. Unfortunately, the budget doesn't always (*read as: usually*) allow.

    Having to limit oneself kinda sucks. But when you think about it, if we could have everything we wanted without hesitation or restriction then they'd lose their value.

  8. If you have specific plans for an item and you need that item to fufill your plans, then you NEED it. Sounds logical to me!
    What I really want and need right now is a ribeye steak!

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