Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Stuff

Have I ever mentioned that I can't walk and fart at the same time? I can't. Just physically cannot do it. I need to stop and allow air passage for the evacuation to happen.

Right now I feel like throwing up. I'm so nauseous. I have a killer headache that won't relent. It's been hurting me for a few days now. But the nausea, where does that come from? Ugh.

I'm in the process of ripping my entire DVD collection, storing the files on an external hard drive to make them more accessible to watch. It also reduces my stuff here on the boat. Crazy how to minimize your junk you actually need to purchase stuff. Like my iPod reduced the need to carry a buttload of CDs, the Kindle reduces books, and now the media player/external hard drive will help me get rid of all those DVDs. The only downside so far is the fact that the movies we watch the most won't rip. The disk is so overused, its scratches are keeping it from ripping completely. Bummer. If they're my fave then I really want them on file!

I filed my application to renew my Green Card in mid May. The process is painfully long. Basically when you get your first Green Card by marriage, then you are conditionally approved for 2 years. You need to apply to remove those conditions and then obtain a 10-yr card. I've been waiting for about 4 months now. Trying to avoid thinking about it. What they want to see, apparently, is co-mingling of finances and lots and lots of bills from the 2-yr conditional period. We have no bills. Having gone from our employment that paid for everything to living on a boat, there are simply no living expenses. Help me out by crossing your fingers with me ok?

Its always sunny in San Diego. Trust me. It rained on the 4 days we were in Seattle. The time we spent there? Where it normally always rains? It was sunny, in Seattle, while it rained in San Diego.  How ironic. I'm an east-coaster. I miss the rain. I need rain...



  1. hope the head ache gets tmi on the gas, hate that when the disks get so worn but cool on consolidating...

  2. I actually prefer to fart while walking. It's like having my own jet propulsion system.

  3. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!! I need a external hard drive to back up all my music and pictures on both the desk top and lap top.. Hugs!

  4. Can't walk and fart? How sad that you never get to enjoy doing any 'crop-dusting.'

    As for the DVDs, you should rip what you can, then webcam yourself acting out the missing parts. Then you can tell people that you have a special "Director's Cut."

  5. hope you feel better and i'm still not sure i can let go of hardcopies of things like CDs

  6. I've got an entire box of old DVDs I haven't gotten around to ripping yet, myself. At this rate, by the time I do, the technology will be available to beam the movie directly into your brain.

    Then I can procrastinate on updating them to that format too.

  7. @ Brian: sorry for the info overload thing... but then again you should know what to expect when you wander out here ya know?
    @ Elly: oooh! a personal jet system? lucky!
    @ Tawnya: thanks!
    @ Bluz: I LOVE it, my own directors cut! hahahaha!
    @ becca: I do feel better, thanks!
    @ Vinny: procrastinating is fun, let's start that too... tomorrow!

  8. Sorry about you not feeling good. Hope you are better by now.
    My friends just moved off their boat and into an RV. They really do have a lot in common, but their RV has lot's more room overall.

  9. First, that was indeed a bunch of Random Stuff. Good job on having a post title that accurately represents the content of said post. It's not easy to do. Often I start with a thought and end up in a completely different place then where I start. So for that, I commend you and your metric ways.

    Now, to get to the real point of my comment. YOUR comment today on my blog is among my favorite comments of the last few weeks. It's rambling ways were ironically easy for me to follow, which may say something about me.. it may say something about you. I don't know.

    I think I may need to ask you to guest post for me at some point. I get so freakin' busy with life that I forget about reading the bloggers that truly inspired me in the first place - a category you fall squarely into.

    So there. Hope you had a good week. FYI my brother lives in Carlsbad and I have always wanted to live in that part of the country... so yes, I envy you.


  10. I can't fart anywhere, at any time. It's a gift, really.

    Finger and tossed crossed for you darling.

  11. @ Pat: I'm much better now thanks! Do your friends prefer living on land or do they miss the soft waves that rock you to sleep?
    @ SD: whoa whoa whoa there cowboy! Sure, I'll guest post for ya anytime, it might bring the jazz back to blogging which has been a tad bit on the boring side of things for me...
    @ Chrissy: I'd die if I couldn't fart but I'm glad you have that gift! My gift is their silence, and I get to blame shift my farts to innocent bystanders! :o)


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