Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Doodle - For Mynx!

You know its true love when he wants you to paint his pole! Mynx challenged us to doodle and show it off. Show off your goods no matter who says its art or its fart. That's what I say.

When I proudly told (pro) painter friend of mine Booby asked me to paint his pole (mast pole inside the boat) he looked at him and said "You want HER to paint that?" His shocked reaction told me very clearly he did not see me as an artist. I laughed it off.

The Canadian Council of the Arts says that if other professional artists perceive you as an artist then you are an artist, thus eligible for grants. If my (pro) painter friend was Canadian I would never have access to government grants. It's ok. I'm not living in Canada or looking for a grant. I just like to doodle. Normally my medium is Crayola markers. (Haha, I used the pro artist term for what you use to create your work of art)  This time I went with acrylics. I have zero experience with acrylics. So of course, my canvas for my first piece is the pole smack dab in the middle of our boat!

Its a work in progress, even the Sistine Chapel wasn't created in a day. I started this over a month ago!


  1. I love it! F the pro painter - what does he know anyway. I'm not Canadian but according to the qualifications, I am an artist/painter because other artists will attest that I am an artist. Good thing because otherwise I wouldn't be able to pick up a paint brush ;)

    So now I say, Nikki is an artist.

    Tell Mr. Pro to put that in his pipe and smoke it.

    Your pole painting is fabulous.

  2. I love it! Art is in the eye of the beholder. This is awesome.

  3. And then Booby said "PAINT MY POLE!"


  4. woot....nice pole art...i know some people that do pole art...smiles.

  5. how come nobody is asking me to paint their pole? gah.

    i say you're an artist, too.

  6. A painted pole with a Boobies sign in the background...doesn't get much better than that. I love it! Great job!

  7. @ Jotter: Yeah, F'him! But, he's kinda not my type though... ;)
    @ BB: Muchas Gracias Chica!
    @ Lost: I know, right?
    @ B'Man: Tell me about those people!
    @ Punk: You need to know the right people, obviously!
    @ Jewels: I'm glad you caught that sticker! Hahaha, its a gem! Thanks!

  8. That looks so awesome and you are a brilliant artist. You art so therefore you are.

    And you are now in my giveaway.
    Thanks for the shoutout

  9. Any woman who paints a man's pole so skillfully is definitely an artist in my book.

  10. Awesome! Pole painting-cool! Much better than pole dancing, I say!

  11. Pole painting takes skill and creativity. You must have a very satified man on your hands.
    Great job, night/day, male/female/ yin/yang. Perfectly paired.

  12. You am, therefore you be...
    The theme is perfect for you boat also.


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