Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things I've Never Done

I'm 45 and I've never:
  1. Had children.
  2. Not said sorry when I needed to.
  3. Was going to say "been to Africa" but just remembered I have - Morocco. But I find it hard to count that as being in Africa.
  4. Jumped out of an airplane (when it was in the air...)
  5. Killed a person (thank god for that one!)
  6. Said a proper goodbye to my dad before he died.
  7. Maintained a substantial friendship since high school.
  8. Drank a Guiness with pure enjoyment.
  9. Conquered certain fears.
  10. Gotten over the fact my mother was the kind of mother she was.
  11. Played Risk to the actual end of the game.
  12. I've never had sex with a black man. Always wanted to...
  13. Been to South America.
  14. Controlled my poor sense timing for trying to be funny. Sometimes its best to just shut up.
  15. Know what to say when I'm being yelled at. Especially when its un-deserving.
  16. Pooped my pants. Aren't you glad to know this one?
  17. Visited any country that ends with "slavia".
  18. Cheated on my husband. 
  19. Successfully shifted gears on a motorcycle.
  20. Buried a child.
  21. Told my ex-husband's children just what kind of man their father really was.
  22. Spent an entire week without buying something I don't really need.
This has been a Mama Kat's writing prompt, but I'm too late to sign up. Also, I read a really cool version of this on Kir's Corner.  She did a cool twist to the prompt with a list of things she has done. I think I will follow up with what I have done, because not to brag but I'm pretty darn proud of what I've done!


  1. #12 and #18... two birds with one stone, yes?

    I haven't done a bucket list yet, but I'm not sure if I want to. Will I look back and see regret??

  2. What a coincidence! I've never had sex with a white woman & always wanted to. Weird!

  3. the comments before me. haha!

    So...this isn't a traditional bucket list...but..I'm all about lists! So way to go! And especially that thing about never having killed a person. Good to know! ;)

  4. interesting list one point i was compelled to jump out an airplane but never did...some of these sentimental...some you got some work to do eh? smiles.

  5. @ Lost: ouch! Trying to get me in trouble? ;)
    @ Vinny: I love you dude... you crack me up!
    @ Cinderita: Nope. Not a bucket list! Please to it and let me know if you do, I'd love to read yours and yes - lists are great fun!
    @ B'Man: Work to do? Some are regrets, some are needs for therapy, some are just good I never did!

  6. You really never pooped in your pants?

  7. All kinds of emotions in these things. I'm happy to say I've never had sex with a black man either. Or any other man for that matter!

  8. I was reading too quickly (lotsa catch up to do) so my dyslexia kicked in and read that you've never been to a country that ends in "saliva".

    I...I really need more coffee...

  9. @ Jotter: not without diapers (I am talking as a toddler here, for the diapers that is, so no!)
    @ Jotter: I'm sorry to hear you've obviously pooped your pants! ;)
    @ Pat: hahahahaha!
    @ Kat: that too!

  10. If I did #4 I would then do #16...


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