Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cool Little Story
We left San Diego on November 10. Our "marina neighbors" Sam and Dave left the marina over 1 month before we did. We knew they were heading out, knew they were going Southbound, but that's all we knew.

Two days ago, we anchored in a random small bay near La Paz. We loaded our bikes onto our dinghy, motored out to the beach where we knew a road could take us to a nearby beach (Tecolote) and eat tacos. Fried fish tacos are the local delicacy here! Yum!

Of course even after filling our tires with air, as soon as we got to the beach one tire was flat! But have no fear, Benjamin (who is responsible for the Playa Balandra) had on hand an old bike pump. That worked! He let us borrow it for the afternoon so we could at least go out for a bike ride...

When we finally got back to our anchored boat, the bay was no longer empty but had other boats. After checking one of them out with our binoculars - lo and behold - one of those boats happened to be our MARINA NEIGHBORS! Is that freaky cool or what?

We jumped back on the dinghy, zapped out their way and... where THEY ever happy to see us! Their food supply was down to the bare minimum as they planned on eating any canned goods they had. Of course we invited them over for supper and had a great evening.

But what are the odds? Anchoring in an empty middle of nowhere bay to find yourself smack dab next to your neighbors from like 800 miles away from home??? Just thought you may want to know about that. Because if I think its a cool story, then it must be a cool story!
p.s. I have occasional internet connection. Yes. I am going loca without my instant internet access!


  1. that is really cool actually...small world it felt like a dream at that point a bit...or maybe they were stalking you but...smiles.

  2. This is very cool, what a coincidence. Sounds like you are having an amazing trip.

    Now you just have to fix that punture

  3. Wow, that is a wild coincidence!

  4. Small world for such big oceans! I love the I'd love to be swimming in waters like that right now. Glad to see you checking in. :)

  5. @ B'Man: WOW! Your new profile pic is... wicked! Like kinda scary. You wouldn't ever guess that mohawk dude was a soft & romantic poet inside! ;)
    @ Mynx: Found an inner tube! In the least of all expected spots too, and it made me work extra hard on my Spanish!!!
    @ Gia: yeah, I'm still freaked by it.
    @ jewels: I know, I know - YOU totally need a holiday!


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