Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Update With Pleasure

Yesterday we spent the day skiing at Keystone. My MOST EVER favorite ski hill in Colorado. Ever. But here are some of my little tips:
  1. Watch out for kids. They will cut you off and choose that specific moment to crash. Thus leaving it up to you to avoid the collision or you'll be hit with a serious pedophilia charge once you land on him/her (can anybody bail me out?)
  2. It's ok to be a beginner, I mean you gotta start somewhere right? But if you're just starting, please don't use the poles, you'll only end up hurting yourself - or worse - ME. Those are only good to stab my eyes out!
  3. If you are a seasoned skier, that's cool. Keep your hands in front of you, pretend like you're carrying a case of beer between each poke-turns.  You'll look like a pro and thank me later when you're on a beer run and already seasoned to the pose.
Today we decided to leave ski bunny area and drove. Did some sight seeing:

After a few hours of white knuckle - teeth clenching - big sweat pouring - ass tightening driving we started to breath. Now, can anybody explain to me why we tend to tighten our butts when driving in a life threatening situation? Does it actually help? And why do we emit a weird odor under extreme stress? Is it supposed to soothe the others around us? Oh come on! Don't tell me you've never noticed the smell of stress or fear?

Let's move on...

Hard to believe but only a handful of hairs later, we suddenly ended in a different season-zone:

LOOK AT THAT! Blue sky! Nothing but blue sky shinning above! This was so cool. It looked like some giant walked up here, yelled out "FEE FY FO FUM! I will build a sand castle!"  And it was like snap, right out of the blizzard we landed here. Oddly enough the map does not say we cross into a different season zone, like a hugemega time zone thinggy, we went from feeling like wishing each other Merry Christmas to screaming out Trick or Treat to drivers going by us.

Right now I'm not sure where we are, somewhere in Utah where restaurants keep the atmosphere at a cumfy-cosy 41 degrees. No,  not talking Celcius... Don't I wish!

Any surprise we're headed out to California tomorrow? Cheers! And while you'll be with family and friends for Thanksgiving think of me as I'll be entering sunny California... Hopefully leaving the blizzards behind me.



  1. Your pictures look nice.

    And they keep it cold there because the mormons blood starts to boil at 55 F.

  2. That sounds awesome.. i love downhill skiing but dont get a chance to do it much. A few years back I had a great trip to Big Mountain in Montana and your pics reminded me of that.

    You're right.. I have totally been neglecting you lately haven't I? Thanks for calling me out - I needed an attitude adjustment.


  3. When and if I ever ski again (bad knee)I'll try to remember your advice! Especially the beer part.
    You are in luck, we've have rain for the last few days here (sunny socal), but it's supposed to be cool and sunny for the next several days! have a good trip!

  4. Hey babe! Just stopping by to see I've missed you!!! I'm sorry for getting behind on my reading (and commenting!).

    Beautiful pictures, Nikki!!!

  5. So what is that white stuff? No really I do know. Love the photos. May have to gaze at them when it is 41 deg C this summer. Drive safe.

  6. I don't ski. I figure, I can just whack my leg with a hammer and then prop myself up in front of the lodge fireplace, and save myself the 5000 foot free-fall and inevitable tumbling.

    Happy Trails!

  7. nice. what a cool journey you are on...hope you have wonderful day nikki!

  8. The kind of trip you are taking right now was the one that my girlfriend and I dreamt about: just driving down route 66 and see where it took us.

    Amazing! Glad the trip went smoothly despite the FUEL scare in the very beginning.

  9. Had to add: Word verification is


    Ha. Ok. So now I feel like I am trolling by leaving 2 comments...

  10. @ Oilfield: Wow, does that make mormons superheroes? Coooool...
    @ SD: and here I thought it was something I said! Go skiing dude!
    @ Pat: yeah my knee sucks too, hey SoCal is so awesome! I'm in Capistrano and headed towards San Diego (yay)
    @ Cinderita: thanks! they were only taken with my 2-yr old phone...
    @ Vicki: doncha just hate it when our real life meddles with our cyber life?
    @ Mynx: funny how your recent story is about snow bunnies... :o)
    @ Bluz: bwahahaha! I hear ya!
    @ Brian: my journey is so totally awesome, enjoying every moment of it! (especially tonight's sunset)
    @ Absence: route 66 is totally cool, you should do it (it's so campy it actually rocks!) and thanks for all the marathon of comments you've given me!

  11. "Now, can anybody explain to me why we tend to tighten our butts when driving in a life threatening situation?"

    In an attempt to keep from crapping your pants. If something really happens, this usually fails. Miserably.


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